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Remember when I said that I was afraid to start this blog because I might post something stupid? Or something that would come back to “bite me in the ass?”

This could well be one of those times.

The moon is blue tonight.  The 3 Day Novel Contest starts at MIDNIGHT.  Perhaps I’m already off my rocker.

This afternoon, I got to thinking and hoping that … maybe I can use this weekend  as…a beginning of a whole new way of being. I’m feeling a need to…re-dedicate myself… yeah that’s it. To shake things up, shake things off.

A new dedication of myself to the craft and the writer’s life.

I feel that I HAVE been working hard, or (even better) working WELL, writing wise, these last few months, but things still seem to happen in fits and starts.
I want… still more discipline within myself, on the writing and the eating and the moving the bod fronts.

So, I sit here, ready to enter the 3DNC (3day Novel Contest) with a BLANK slate – which I have never done before and I think… This is good.
This is a REAL experiment for you.
And it could be more.
You can declare this night the beginning of a whole new year.
Like a new “school year” but with no school.

When we moved here, this was the plan. To get back to the writing and the reading. To put myself into a sort of “self-directed” MFA.
And I HAVE been working on it. The novel moves ahead. I’m reading and reading and reading.
But… I have also allowed “life” to throw me off course – perhaps a bit too easily.
And, perhaps, I could be a BIT more selective in what I am reading… there isn’t really a “program” – though I did have a stack of books of poetry and plays I wanted to read and more (always) books on craft. Now, (she looks around the room), where did that pile GET too?

I’m always saying – every day is a NEW DAY and you can change your life in an instant. That you just have to DECIDE and TAKE ACTION.

The 3DNC is most definitely a time of ACTION.
This year, it also feels like a time of reflection.
Like I said, I am doing something COMPLETELY NEW – for me, this year.

I am going to go in with – nothing.

Well, with GAL and with … another character who is simply the me/not me.
A woman…of a certain age.
With a background similar to mine.
And… I suppose, though I’m not sure – ISSUES similar to mine.
We will see what comes out.

I will do things differently this year for the 3DNC.
I will listen, closely, to my body.
I will respond with nourishment and care and movement.

I will begin this year with stretchy yoga and a meditation.
I will turn on my 3 hours of TRANCE-y tunes and I will open my heart and we will see what GAL brings to me.

Oh my dears…I can just FEEEEEEEEL potential judges cringing.

I could so CRASH!
I could type up reams of nonsense.
And what, you ask, is so bad about that?
Well, I could… FAIL.

There’s that fear-monster again.

Sometimes, I really wish I could just give myself a freakin’ break.
That is, of course, when I’m not busy berating myself for being a “lazy-arsed good for nothin”

I’m forever making lists and wishful schedules for myself.
You know the type:

  • I rise, alert, at 6AM (5 is even better) after a full nights RESTFUL sleep.
  • I do 1/2 hour of yoga and 15 minutes of meditation.
  • I work in my scribble book – AFTER I have eaten something healthy.
  • I sip good coffee and the scribbles aren’t just about how hideous my hair is – they are … wise and wonderful and poetic and before I know it I have transitioned into working on the project of the day.
  • I work well and strong and clear for at least 2 hours.
  • I break to stretch and eat more healthy food – just a snack, as it is still only about 9 or 9:30 in the morning.
  • I work another 2-3 hours. I would like, very much, to have a GOAL that I can feel “free” after, like say… at LEAST 2000 words per day are ADDED to the work in progress.
  • I break to stretch and make lunch – a GOOD lunch.
  • I go for a walk – alone or with my sweet baboo (depending how HIS day of work is going)
  • I come home and read and nap and write letters and maybe I read a few blog posts and work on one myself.
  • I work around the house – clean a bit, pump water, split wood – whatever needs doing.
  • I make dinner, or we make dinner together.
  • We eat and either watch the river run or watch a movie or just talk.
  • I turn off the ‘puter and the tv at least 2 hours before heading to bed.
  • We read.
  • I practice guitar.
  • I heat up water for a nice warm wash and get into my jim-jams around 9pm
  • I do another 1/2 hour of yoga to relax and ease myself into sleepy land.
  • I crawl into bed and read or maybe I start a new tradition and spend another bit of time in my scribble book – noting things that I am grateful for in the day that has passed.
  • I sleep. Oh if only I could well and truly sleep the world would be a much kinder place, I think.

Is such a schedule too mad to do?

I have freedom, right now.
I think I can hold off getting a “job-job” until … well, I dunno… maybe… I was going to March, but no… I say APRIL.
I can try…no.
As Yoda says, “Do or do not. There is no try…”
I can DO this … this schedule of wonderfulness …

Well, starting WEDNESDAY – cuz til then…I’m busy…listening.

I sit here, typing this and I hear GAL say, “You should post this on your blog.”

“Why not?”
“What if I can’t do it?
“Well then you will be a losah!”

GAL goes silent, but the dialogue continues in my head.

Can I NOT just make a pledge? A simple pledge to rise earlier, write more consistently (instead of bingeing), eat better and do some yoga/meditation?

Make a pledge.
Do it!
Do it publicly!



Oh for mothertruckin’ cheesedoodle sakes – just DO it!

I try to side-step.

“I hereby PLEDGE to spend the next 3 days, listening to GAL and following her guidance and I promise to revisit this page when I wake up on Wednesday morningThe final computer-generated Yoda as seen in t....

And if I feel strong enough…
I WILL post it and I will begin a NEW YEAR – From Labour to Labour, From 3DNC12 to 3DNC13.”

Oh give it UP!
Just declare it – you can always slink back on Wednesday and delete the ENTIRE BLOG if you are such a scaredy pants!

Here goes…

I hereby RESOLVE to:

  • Pay more attention – to the world around me and to this body I have been given.
  • To care for said body – physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • To do my work daily, with care, attention and joy.
  • To give myself ONE DAY each week to entirely lolly-gag or do whatever I want. I believe that will be SUNDAY.
  • To find something each week that I can do that is like a … date with my self. It could be “an artist” date, like Julia Cameron talks about in “The Artists Way” or it could be just… going to someone’s house and having a bubble bath with a good book and a bottle of wine. A few hours to do something… different, alone. It doesn’t really seem like I would NEED to do this – as all this other stuff is just about ME ME ME – but it feels like I must add this and so.. I shall. I believe this will happen on WEDNESDAYS.

And scariest of all:
I hereby pledge to report back to this public place… regularly… Once a week?  Maybe.  Maybe on Mondays…

I hereby pledge to report back to this public place each Monday to take an honest look at how I have “done”.  Starting AFTER the 3DNC (cuz this MONDAY I’ll hopefully be typing like MAD)

52 weeks.
That is do-able.

I think I will only have… um… 30 weeks til I will HAVE to find a job that will bring in some buckage.
Maybe even less.

Doesn’t matter.
52 weeks it is.

I hereby declare this the year of living (and writing) intentionally (and dangerously too – though it is always that).
OK.  It’s 11pm.

I’m outta here til at least TUESDAY.  Don’t forget to water the plants.

Be well.

And, as always…

Go easy -p