Blue Moon + 3DNC = possibly mad declarations from this writer gal

Remember when I said that I was afraid to start this blog because I might post something stupid? Or something that would come back to “bite me in the ass?”

This could well be one of those times.

The moon is blue tonight.  The 3 Day Novel Contest starts at MIDNIGHT.  Perhaps I’m already off my rocker.

This afternoon, I got to thinking and hoping that … maybe I can use this weekend  as…a beginning of a whole new way of being. I’m feeling a need to…re-dedicate myself… yeah that’s it. To shake things up, shake things off.

A new dedication of myself to the craft and the writer’s life.

I feel that I HAVE been working hard, or (even better) working WELL, writing wise, these last few months, but things still seem to happen in fits and starts.
I want… still more discipline within myself, on the writing and the eating and the moving the bod fronts.

So, I sit here, ready to enter the 3DNC (3day Novel Contest) with a BLANK slate – which I have never done before and I think… This is good.
This is a REAL experiment for you.
And it could be more.
You can declare this night the beginning of a whole new year.
Like a new “school year” but with no school.

When we moved here, this was the plan. To get back to the writing and the reading. To put myself into a sort of “self-directed” MFA.
And I HAVE been working on it. The novel moves ahead. I’m reading and reading and reading.
But… I have also allowed “life” to throw me off course – perhaps a bit too easily.
And, perhaps, I could be a BIT more selective in what I am reading… there isn’t really a “program” – though I did have a stack of books of poetry and plays I wanted to read and more (always) books on craft. Now, (she looks around the room), where did that pile GET too?

I’m always saying – every day is a NEW DAY and you can change your life in an instant. That you just have to DECIDE and TAKE ACTION.

The 3DNC is most definitely a time of ACTION.
This year, it also feels like a time of reflection.
Like I said, I am doing something COMPLETELY NEW – for me, this year.

I am going to go in with – nothing.

Well, with GAL and with … another character who is simply the me/not me.
A woman…of a certain age.
With a background similar to mine.
And… I suppose, though I’m not sure – ISSUES similar to mine.
We will see what comes out.

I will do things differently this year for the 3DNC.
I will listen, closely, to my body.
I will respond with nourishment and care and movement.

I will begin this year with stretchy yoga and a meditation.
I will turn on my 3 hours of TRANCE-y tunes and I will open my heart and we will see what GAL brings to me.

Oh my dears…I can just FEEEEEEEEL potential judges cringing.

I could so CRASH!
I could type up reams of nonsense.
And what, you ask, is so bad about that?
Well, I could… FAIL.

There’s that fear-monster again.

Sometimes, I really wish I could just give myself a freakin’ break.
That is, of course, when I’m not busy berating myself for being a “lazy-arsed good for nothin”

I’m forever making lists and wishful schedules for myself.
You know the type:

  • I rise, alert, at 6AM (5 is even better) after a full nights RESTFUL sleep.
  • I do 1/2 hour of yoga and 15 minutes of meditation.
  • I work in my scribble book – AFTER I have eaten something healthy.
  • I sip good coffee and the scribbles aren’t just about how hideous my hair is – they are … wise and wonderful and poetic and before I know it I have transitioned into working on the project of the day.
  • I work well and strong and clear for at least 2 hours.
  • I break to stretch and eat more healthy food – just a snack, as it is still only about 9 or 9:30 in the morning.
  • I work another 2-3 hours. I would like, very much, to have a GOAL that I can feel “free” after, like say… at LEAST 2000 words per day are ADDED to the work in progress.
  • I break to stretch and make lunch – a GOOD lunch.
  • I go for a walk – alone or with my sweet baboo (depending how HIS day of work is going)
  • I come home and read and nap and write letters and maybe I read a few blog posts and work on one myself.
  • I work around the house – clean a bit, pump water, split wood – whatever needs doing.
  • I make dinner, or we make dinner together.
  • We eat and either watch the river run or watch a movie or just talk.
  • I turn off the ‘puter and the tv at least 2 hours before heading to bed.
  • We read.
  • I practice guitar.
  • I heat up water for a nice warm wash and get into my jim-jams around 9pm
  • I do another 1/2 hour of yoga to relax and ease myself into sleepy land.
  • I crawl into bed and read or maybe I start a new tradition and spend another bit of time in my scribble book – noting things that I am grateful for in the day that has passed.
  • I sleep. Oh if only I could well and truly sleep the world would be a much kinder place, I think.

Is such a schedule too mad to do?

I have freedom, right now.
I think I can hold off getting a “job-job” until … well, I dunno… maybe… I was going to March, but no… I say APRIL.
I can try…no.
As Yoda says, “Do or do not. There is no try…”
I can DO this … this schedule of wonderfulness …

Well, starting WEDNESDAY – cuz til then…I’m busy…listening.

I sit here, typing this and I hear GAL say, “You should post this on your blog.”

“Why not?”
“What if I can’t do it?
“Well then you will be a losah!”

GAL goes silent, but the dialogue continues in my head.

Can I NOT just make a pledge? A simple pledge to rise earlier, write more consistently (instead of bingeing), eat better and do some yoga/meditation?

Make a pledge.
Do it!
Do it publicly!



Oh for mothertruckin’ cheesedoodle sakes – just DO it!

I try to side-step.

“I hereby PLEDGE to spend the next 3 days, listening to GAL and following her guidance and I promise to revisit this page when I wake up on Wednesday morningThe final computer-generated Yoda as seen in t....

And if I feel strong enough…
I WILL post it and I will begin a NEW YEAR – From Labour to Labour, From 3DNC12 to 3DNC13.”

Oh give it UP!
Just declare it – you can always slink back on Wednesday and delete the ENTIRE BLOG if you are such a scaredy pants!

Here goes…

I hereby RESOLVE to:

  • Pay more attention – to the world around me and to this body I have been given.
  • To care for said body – physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • To do my work daily, with care, attention and joy.
  • To give myself ONE DAY each week to entirely lolly-gag or do whatever I want. I believe that will be SUNDAY.
  • To find something each week that I can do that is like a … date with my self. It could be “an artist” date, like Julia Cameron talks about in “The Artists Way” or it could be just… going to someone’s house and having a bubble bath with a good book and a bottle of wine. A few hours to do something… different, alone. It doesn’t really seem like I would NEED to do this – as all this other stuff is just about ME ME ME – but it feels like I must add this and so.. I shall. I believe this will happen on WEDNESDAYS.

And scariest of all:
I hereby pledge to report back to this public place… regularly… Once a week?  Maybe.  Maybe on Mondays…

I hereby pledge to report back to this public place each Monday to take an honest look at how I have “done”.  Starting AFTER the 3DNC (cuz this MONDAY I’ll hopefully be typing like MAD)

52 weeks.
That is do-able.

I think I will only have… um… 30 weeks til I will HAVE to find a job that will bring in some buckage.
Maybe even less.

Doesn’t matter.
52 weeks it is.

I hereby declare this the year of living (and writing) intentionally (and dangerously too – though it is always that).
OK.  It’s 11pm.

I’m outta here til at least TUESDAY.  Don’t forget to water the plants.

Be well.

And, as always…

Go easy -p

4 Comments on “Blue Moon + 3DNC = possibly mad declarations from this writer gal

  1. I’m printing off your list. I have one day a week that I have off and my only mandatory thing I do is write and yoga. I’m going to try to do your list at least once all the way through. Just to see…

    • YAY! Keep me posted on how it goes.

      a Big part of me hopes you might write back and say – THAT’S THE CRAZIEST PLAN EVER!!!! Heh heh.

      I’ve been doing… OK this week. Though nowhere NEAR actually having a whole day shape up as I’d wish (grin).

      I fear the mornings are getting colder already and it’s hard for me to do even my WEE short yoga thing right off the hop because it is too cool in the shack. I’ll have to figure something out. Doesn’t feel QUITE cold enough for a fire but too cold for yoga…hmm…

      But I AM back at work on the NIP (novel in progress) and that feels GOOD GOOD GOOD!

      • I already think it’s the CRAZIEST PLAN EVER!!!! but, I like crazy.

        I just started the yoga thing at a studio just around the corner from my house. Both it and my house are properly climate controlled so I don’t have to worry about it much. I actually did yoga on my own for the first time during 3-day on Saturday afternoon. I’ll tell you what, it helped! I’ve been nervous to do it without having an instructor there making sure I was doing everything right, but I just took it slow and at my own pace and stuck with stuff I was comfortable with.

  2. Nice! I truly believe the wee bits of yoga I managed to do during the contest SAVED me mucho back and even hand pain. In previous years I have gotten very HUNCHY over the laptop and my fingers seriously numbed up and ached.

    The stretchy poses help and the resty poses… REVIVE.

    YAY yoga!

    Glad you are being careful as you move into doing things at home alone.
    Always be gentle with yourself.
    I like that note… I shall be gentle with my self too 😉

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Starting Over

Because there's never enough time to do it right the first time but there's always enough time to do it over

Ailish Sinclair

Stories and photos from Scotland

Cathy Standiford

Historical fiction, poetry, essays

Keeping the Dream

The Healing Journey and Covert Abuse

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