21 Monkeys – Day EIGHT: Oooh I Need Your Love, Babe…

DAY EIGHT of the Miraculous Relationships 21 Day Meditation Challenge with Deepak and Oprah

Eight days a week…I lo-o-o-o-ove ya!

Hullo again.

Long long long time spent with the journal questions today.  Much mulling over of the message.

The strongest thing to emerge is… trusting my own instincts.  Which is something that I honestly believe we must not lose sight of.

Sometimes I listen to all this talk of LOVE LOVE LOVE…UNCONDITIONAL LOVE… and I think… hmm… can I do that? Do I do that? SHOULD I do that?

I get it… I get that it means that we love our friends, our family – no matter what.  That we don’t put “conditions” on it. Don’t make them … be a certain way or whatever.  That they may do some things we aren’t really… happy about or even cool with but… we still LOVE them.  We aim to help them through the bumpy parts of life.  That’s cool.

And… Of course I would like to love and be loved… but I am also a woman with instincts and I need to value them.  So I will listen to that as well.

I have had some bumps and lumps along the way.

I have lived through betrayals, and lordy don’t even get me started on my “abandonment” issues.

And yet… yes…. I love. But I am cautious. I need to stay alert…not swan into some sea of gooeyness…I don’t even think that sea of gooeyness is love.  Not really.

Working through the journal questions today I discovered this.

Love – real LOVE is strong and sure and you get it from me when I know I can trust you.

And I accept yours when I know it is real.

Once you get “IN” with me– then you are in for life.  But yeah, it takes a while and that is NOT a bad thing.

And if that ain’t “unconditional” well then… Too bad – that’s the way I roll.

Right now, anyhow.

Thoughts?  What do you think about this idea of loving unconditionally?  Is it possible? Is it dangerous? Is it… cooler than grilled cheese and ham?  Lemme know.

go easy ~p

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