Do you ever go through an entire day and realize that you haven’t actually looked anyone in the eye?

I do.  I have this thing from the way-back where I rarely look at people directly in the eye.  I think I am, but actually my eyes are just sort of… pointed in their general direction.  Apparently I used to look at people’s foreheads a lot.

I hope I’ve improved somewhat, but I think that I still avoid people’s eyes.

It’s a defensive maneuver.  If I look you in the eye and really SEE you, well then…you will see me too.  Scary stuff.

I find myself, lately, setting an intention to really look people in the eye…and then… at the end of the day… I review things and find that…yet again I went through my day in the same ole way.

But hey… try try again, right?

Today’s Mindful Moment  suggestion is to dedicate the day to “living the true spirit of namasté.”  I’m off to a pow wow today and I am totally going to give it a whirl.

Care to join me?

Mindful Moment

Today send everyone you encounter a silent blessing. You may want to silently repeat the greeting of namasté: the spirit in me honors the spirit in you. Consider dedicating today to living the true spirit of namasté—giving yourself permission to internally bow to each and every person that crosses your path as you witness, honor and acknowledge the divine spirit that they are.

This John Prine song always breaks my heart…wide open…which is a good good thing.

May you greet the people that you meet…

go easy ~p