Many messages flooding in today…

We took a look at how meditating on a regular basis can help us develop our “witnessing awareness” which can, in turn, allow us observe a situation in which we are being triggered or upset in a calm, “objective” manner. This enables us to PAUSE in the midst of this event and consciously CHOOSE how we would like to respond. As opposed to feeling stuck in reactive mode and old patterns of behaviour.

I’m a big fan of seeking the PAUSE.

I look forward to actually, consciously, managing to Do It!

The session moved on to talk about the feelings and emotions that we … Avoid or resist. And also touched on how and where stress accumulates in our body.

I felt a bit… Unfocused today…as if I needed more time with each of these things.

I personally need a bit more time with…the whole shebang. There is just…so much… In these sessions. It’s impossible, of course, to absorb it all.

I’m sort of looking forward to … The end. And to returning to my own silent sitting each morning.

And I’m contemplating working back through these messages and journal questions on my own but… Having each focus for an entire week instead of just one day.

A 21 week adventure.

It’s a sun shiny day on the bay.

May we be happy.
May we be safe from inner and outer harm.
May we be content with ourselves just as we are.
May our hearts be open.

Go easy ~ p