21 Monkeys – Day TWENTY ONE – !

Day 21 of the Miraculous Relationships Meditation Challenge with Deepak and Oprah

Hullo peoples…


I can’t believe it has been 21 days!  We did it!

I think back on Day ONE….

Looking at the definition of the word MIRACLE… and how it appealed to me..

The word miracle comes from the Latin root mīrāculum,  equivalent to mīrā ( rī ) to wonder at + -culum -cle.

To wonder at… to behold with rapt attention…

And floundering around to…

… set one intention for this journey and to cultivate it daily.  To tend it lovingly and watch it blossom.

Well… I did hold basically to one intention for the journey…  To SEE and HEAR what is happening right this moment. I didn’t hold this intention every moment of every day… but each morning… I renewed my intention… The same intention.

I also managed to follow through on the more… simple… intention of posting here each day.

Some things to carry along/take away…

I continue to find humour along the path and to … embrace my monkey mind and her need to joke and keep me grounded.

I have also started to..more and more… take the time I need to do the things I need to do – for myself.  And to actually… speak up… To work together on a plan, instead of jumping to attend to someone else’s needs on THEIR schedule.

This is cool.

I do believe that taking the time to meditate, to be still, is leading me to … be more honest – with myself and therefore with others too.

I can actually… feel my own needs and voice them.

This is huge.

I look forward to returning to my own silent mindful meditations each morning.

I’ve kept notes throughout this adventure.  There is so much material packed in to these 21days.  Perhaps… after a cleansing week or so of some silence… I will return to these messages and questions and move through them again… more slowly.

IMG_4702May you see miracles all round…

May you behold your own life with Rapt Attention.

go easy ~p


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