RandomLand 3: Nifty, Gifty, Lifty Thrifty and ODD

Hullo Sweeties…

It’s Friday time to hop aboard the RANDOM train with the folks playing  Random 5 Fridays  with  A Rural Journal. Here’s some random goodies from my life the past coupla weeks.


1. NIFTY – the Raggedy Man came home from his Sailing adventure

So….he went from this:

US Virgin Islands Photo: bluestocking/Shutterstock


love on the kebsquasheshing
love on the Kebsquasheshing


2.GIFTY – Annie Arrived!  Annie Arrived!

Ain’t she pretty?  AND she came with SOCKS!  I have a thing for socks and these are BEAUTS 😉

Much much thanks to the lovely and talented Tanya over at Bead and Needle.

Annie loves her new home and she gets a lot of compliments when we hit the town.

Annie’s sparkly side and my bonus SOCKS!
Annie's flip side
Annie’s flip side


3. Fun with a new app – LIFT

Those of you who follow my moony Chickens (Shake n Bakes) know that I used to track “the DOings that help me with BEings” each week.  I still have an urge to track things and a pal and I recently started using the LIFT app which allows us to track habits we would like to build into our daily lives.

I like it because I can check things off as I do them each day and add a short note and all my info is saved for me to download at some point into a wonderful spreadsheet.  I haven’t tested the spreadsheet function yet – but I’m hoping it works and then I will see allllllllll my crazy doings lined up for the year.  That would please me.

The best outcome so far for me is … that my pal and I are now in touch almost every day – encouraging each other through giving “PROPS” for completing something, or chatting through our daily notes.  It really is a great way to keep in touch and I would encourage you to ask a pal to join with you so that you can work together.

I know we all have WAY TOO MANY ACCOUNTS…and THINGS TO DO… but I’m really enjoying this one and how it fits into my life and gives me a little LIFT – heh heh.



I’ve also been using a handy dandy handwriting app with my ipad.

I totally don’t mean to make this a big ole AD SPACE for apps.  But I’m having a lot of fun with penultimate – using it as a digital notepad to carry around with me and jot notes in.  It works alongside another app called Evernote where I can type and insert pictures and websites and all manner of jazzy jazz.

Pam's Daily DigiCHICKEN (check in)
Pam’s Daily DigiCHICKEN (check in)

But my RECENT FUN has been designing my own PAPERS to use in the app.

Like this one I’m using for my “digital chickens” – I used to do this on paper and print out a new wee notebook each moonth.  Now I do it all on the ipad.  Checking in each evening.  I dig it.  And I like that I can create my own backgrounds to work with.  WHEEEE!

I found out how to do it over at ipadpapers.com


5. And then there is THIS madness:

My ODD sighting for the week.
My ODD sighting for the week.

I dunno why.  I don’t even know WHERE.  But it kinda freaked me out and so… of course… I hadda share with you all.



Have a great weekend.

May the Sacred Random bring you much joy in the week to come. ~p

2 Comments on “RandomLand 3: Nifty, Gifty, Lifty Thrifty and ODD

  1. Okay, that really is a freaky doll! Clicked on your link for Lift. Seriously thinking about it as am in the stuck mode lately. Lovin’ your Annie. Must take a photo of you wearing her.

    • Hey Diane – if you do sign up for LIFT, come and find me and i will join your cheering squad 🙂

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