SOLVITUR AMBULANDO: Rebooting the Walking My Way to Water adventure…

Greetings my people!

Deepest apologies for my long absence.

As you know, I’ve been traveling and I met a very clever thief on the metro in Mexico City who relieved me of my ipad and thereby halted my blog postings from the road.  The trip was wonderful and though the loss of the ipad still PAINS me, it was also nice to disconnect for a time.  I filled four notebooks with my scribblings and even drew some noodley-doodles along the way.

The Raggedy Man and I have been home for just over a week and it finally feels like my soul is catching up with me.  Hoorah.

...step by step...
…step by step…

As I begin to get my feet under me again here at the Shaky Shack, I blow a layer of dust off of Julia Cameron’s The COMPLETE Artist’s Way and move into book two – Walking in This World.

When I began posting about my adventures in The Artist’s Way (TAW), I worried that it might be seen as… foolish.  That maybe I should keep this journey to myself, even though crafting the posts was… taking me deeper into the material.  I knew that blogging my journey was useful for me, but I also thought… “Oh Lord, if folks read this, they will just think I’m crazy, or lame, or something.

Typical Pam thinking, right?

Before you blast me one for my negative thinking, let me report that these silly thoughts/doubts have been duly EASED by a raft of wonderful emails I received while I was on the road.  They flew in from all over the globe –  from friends, from folks I knew in the way-back and had somehow… misplaced over the years, and from total strangers who are now turning into new friends via the interwebs.   They all spoke of how… encouraged they were by my blog, especially the Walking My Way to Water posts.

And oh my dears…. I do believe my heart grew four sizes with each email.

I send out a big big THANKS to those of you wrote, and to those of you who take the time to drop a comment.  And for those of you who read and remain silent – a special thanks for you as well.  I value your time and am grateful that you stop by now and again to listen to my ramblings.

And so…. As I continue to work my way through Julia’s books on creativity as a spiritual practice, I will take up my weekly postings again.  And again – I extend an ear and an open heart to any of you who are also making your way though the books or simply working out your own creative salvation.  Let’s yack about this creativity thing – Drop me a line, or leave a comment or a link to your own workings.

I’ll begin with basically the same template I used for our discussions of TAW.

1. WHAT JUMPED OUT FOR ME… (and why)… being quotes from the book and my own blatherings.

2. A quick chicken (check in) on how I did with THE WEEKLY WORKINGS… (Tools and Tasks)

  • -Morning Pages
  • Walking (I’m into the daily walking already, those who don’t already walk each day are advised to start with a weekly walk)
  • Artist Date
  • Tasks done (or not done)

And finally the thing I find by creating these blog posts…

3. MY PERSONAL NUGGET… Being the thing I tuck into my bag of treasures to carry off – the strongest… “take-away” if you like that lingo.


To begin then…

Julia says it best in the introduction….

Walking in This World is intended as a gentle pilgrimage.  We will move issue to issue, walking and talking about the deeper concerns of our souls.

First thing I notice is the shift in the language she uses for the titles of each chapter.  Whereas the chapters in TAW were about RECOVERING a sense of… Safety, Identity, Power…etc. Walking in This World chapters are about DISCOVERING a sense of….

•    Week One – Origin
•    Week Two – Proportion
•    Week Three – Perspective
•    Week Four – Adventure
•    Week Five – Personal Territory
•    Week Six – Boundaries
•    Week Seven – Momentum
•    Week Eight – Discernment
•    Week Nine – Resilience
•    Week Ten – Camaraderie
•    Week Eleven – Authenticity
•    Week Twelve – Dignity
We are moving on, developing as Artists and I like the idea of slipping out of recovery mode into discovery mode.

Road Out
Road Out

I also like the addition of the Weekly Walk as a tool to be used each week.  I’ve always been a fan of the idea of “Solvitur ambulando” (it is solved by walking).

I’ll begin reading today, with a plan to post each Monday.

Care to come along?

go easy ~p

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