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Hullo Sweeties…
Another day winding it’s way into twilight.
A day full of doings. Mostly out in the yard.
Restful work like picking beans.
And cleaning beans.

And snapping, blanching, and bagging beans.

And now that the freezer is full of tasty goodness…

A cup of tea and time.
Time to watch the fading of the light on the river.

I’ve been thinking today.
Turning over different story options in my mind. Tasting. Testing.

There’s a tale that’s been kicking around my soul for a good many years. It rises to the surface every few years and then sinks back again. Not time. Not time, yet.

Is it time, now?

Maybe. It’s a story worth telling, that’s sure. It could work. I think. As a 3Day Novel. A coming of age story, with some romance and some tears. A “teacher story”, of sorts. I do love a good weepy “teacher” tale.

But there’s another voice speaking to me as well. A woman. Her voice is fainter and she carries a… stranger sort of tale.

I wonder which one will win out.

9 more days….

Go easy ~p