Hullo you.

I am settled in, back at the shack, and am finally embarking on my mission to watch 52 films written and/or directed by women this year.

I took the pledge over at Women In Film http://womeninfilm.org/52-films/

Hop on over to their site if you’re interested in taking up the challenge.  They have some great lists to get you started.

I plan to post a few thoughts on each film—mini reviews, I suppose.  I know if I aim for full on reviews of each movie, I will fret too much over the writing of them.  Mostly I just want to track my viewing and offer up these films for your consideration.

I’m starting out with films I’ve found on Netflix.  I’ll make a note with each film on where I found it.

I’ll also include links to the film on IMDB and a full review written by someone else for those who want to explore more.

So… to begin…


Tomboy (2011) Written and Directed by Céline Sciamma

Found on Netflix

Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

The story of a young girl exploring life as a boy for a summer.

Beautifully shot and delicately told with AMAZING performances by the kids, especially Zoe Heran as Laure/Mikael, Jeanne Disson as Lisa and my absolute favourite— Malonn Levana as Jeanne.  Brilliant.

A beautiful review and summary of the film by Roger Ebert at http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/tomboy-2012

An interview with the filmmaker at http://www.filmindependent.org/news-and-blog/filmmaker-interview/#.VtcUbMdln6Y

The urge to write more is strong upon me… but needs must return to my work.

Drop a comment if you watch the film – or take up the challenge.  Be great to hear from you.

Go easy~p

PS: Any suggestions of movies to watch much appreciated. Especially Canadian Films if I can get my hands (or eyes) on them somehow.

I’m starting out watching on Netflix. Bit broke these days. But am entirely willing to support our filmmakers with DOUGH as well. Or swap them a copy of my novel for a copy of their film (wink).