A strange, unsettled morning.

No.  That’s not right.  It isn’t strange, but I am unsettled.

It was a morning of…distraction.  Good distraction if that is possible, but still… distraction.

I am doing something different this month.  Working on the computer FIRST THING, in the time I usually work by hand in the Scrib.  I am doing this as a way to…clearly see how much I actually write each day – including the time spent doing my morning scribble.

I KNOW that when I do this, I need to be sure to CREATE before I consume –meaning that I DON’T log in to online forums or facebook or even check my email before I do my morning’s “work.”

I didn’t do that this morning and I’ve spent over 3 hours now wandering around devouring the words of others and getting very few of my own onto the page.

So it goes.

My wanderings began with this wonderful offering from Sarah Selecky over on her Story is a State of Mind site:


It is such a beautiful post and in the comments, people are sharing poems and… she also offers some amazing resources and recommended reading for writers (and other humans).

Sarah is also offering up a “free SOS call” — a guided writing practice — on Wednesday.

I plan on being there.

And now… I need to go for a walk to clear my head and then I will settle in to see what comes of today’s rich rich inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by.

May your day be full of wonder.

go easy ~p