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Today I got to spend an hour with Sarah Selecky and a group of wonderful writers.

Sarah  called it an SOS call for writers.  A time to just come together and write our way out of … reactivity… and re-connect with our own deep-inner terrain. Getting back to some basic, calming, writing practice.  Back to the deep-noticing state that feeds our work (and our souls).

It was lovely and powerful.  Especially hearing participants read out their words – so raw and wonderful.  I wept a lot as I listened.  And I took heart.

The thing that I took the most joy in was…slowing down.  Even when I write by hand in The Scrib, I so often write FAST.  Fast fast fast fast – as though I will never catch the words as they fly by me.  One of Sarah’s rules for writing practice is to write with CARE, meaning slowing down to form the letters of the word.  I love how she described this …. “as if you are creating a pen and ink drawing with each word.”  So often my morning scribbles are just exactly THAT – scribbles that I can barely read afterward.  It was nice to slooooowwwwww myself down today and enjoy the flow of ink onto the page…word by word.  Ahhh.

I am so grateful to Sarah for offering up this call.  She’s amazing.

I loved the Yoko Ono quote that she closed the call with, so I hunted it down.  The quote is from her song, Revelations, on the album Yes, I’m a Witch.

Thanks to the glory that is YouTube, I listened to some Yoko and meandered my way through today’s adventure in NaNoLand.

Good times.

Hope the words are flowing for those of you playing in NaNoLand, and those of you who aren’t but are still out there scribbling away.

Thanks for stopping by.

Go easy ~p


Links of love and wonder:

Sarah Selecky’s personal website:

Sarah’s Story Is A State of Mind (online creative writing school):

A letter from Sarah (there are MORE letters to explore on the site):

And a lil Yoko…


2 Comments on “transform the energy…

    • Yes! I remember when you mentioned that you wanted to do that. So great that you DID. I must’ve known this, but I forgot. YAY for you!

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