Time for another 3 Day Novel…

Hullo Sweeties…

Yes. I am still alive. Still here, though I have been silent for a long long LOOOOOONG time.  So long that I don’t even really remember how to DO this.

But here I am.  I’ve an urge to begin blogging again and so – what better time than tonight, as I teeter on the cusp of a new story. It’s 8:04 PM and I am out in the Writing Burrow. The 3 Day Novel Contest begins at midnight. I’ve been excited about this year’s adventure for a few months, but tonight I am gripped with fear.

Here I am again with no real outline and just a character and I am afraid that there won’t be a way forward. Though, there always is. That is the deepest joy of this weekend for me. Just letting the words flow out onto the page. Side-stepping, faking out and sometimes even body-slamming my inner-critic into submission. BOOM!

It’s exhilarating.

The day spun by me as I cleaned and prepped the new Writing Burrow. Isn’t it a beauty?

This is the Golden Falcon when she first arrived. I love her!
BedNest in the Writing Burrow

I also got a sweet new haircut from the Raggedy Man. That’s how we roll.

And voila! A new hairdoo!

I cooked up a vat of Hot n Sour soup, chopped some veggies and fruit for easy hand to mouth action and baked some chicken breasts to gnaw on. There is also plenty of dark chocolate, coffee, herbal tea, juices and water on hand.

I am ready.

I will chat with my pals over in the 3 Day Novel CHATzone and sip some tea and watch the sky darken.

At midnight, I will begin.

By midnight on Monday – I will have a new novella to play with.

Wish me luck!

Onward! ~p

PS: This is the fortune I got today in an ancient cookie.  I think it bodes well…

My fortune for today.

5 Comments on “Time for another 3 Day Novel…

  1. Dearest…the best wishes for your venture! I will watch vicariously with envy. I love the falcon. You are supergirl.
    Love always…

    • Hello hello – the weekend went so very well. I had a great time and I’m happy with the outcome – though I haven’t read it over yet. LOL.

      It was so great to settle in and WORK for the 3 days on a project that had been simmering in my mind for a time.

      And then…. The ole body fell down. This last week I have been down with a badly broken tooth that will entail major work and then a cold/flu thing. Yeesh.

      But still…. I have made a start on a new piece of work and that is worth…everything.

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