…is this thing on?
And so it begins.  A new adventure in cyberland.

Buckle up.

11 Comments on “tap…tap…tap…

    • Eepa you! How’d you find me already? I’ve been trying to “fix” the pic for HOURS. I think it is too big. Heh heh. Thanks for your advice and for the wee push to dive in. I feel like I’m back at Regent Pool in good ole Regina and some cute fella just gave me a friendly shove….

      “C’mon in, the waters fine!”

      • Regent Pool! That’s a blast from the deep dark past! I was a Dewdney Pool man, but we may have gone on some raiding missions to Regent. I llook forward to reading your blog, Pam. Take care! xo

    • Hey Bruce, thanks for popping in. Still messing about with things. I think it could be fun 😉

    • Hey Beautiful You – Thanks for the comment. I shall hereby stop trying to resize the danged thing! I’ve been working on it AGAIN today. I have now decided to just let it be…

  1. Pam! I love that you are writing a blog. I just found you and am looking forward to reading, reading, reading. It’s inspiring. Good luck with the three day novel. – Holly (you know, from Chapleau)

    • Holly Bruns! Howdy to you. I’ve been meaning to come and find you out here in the blog-o-sphere. Thanks so much for stopping by. Now I HAVE you – huzzah!

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