Making Lists: Another 3day Novel Post

Trolling the Web these last few days, I’m meeting all manner of new 3day cohorts and finding some great advice/support/giggles.

There’s a great to do list over on Damsel de Tech’s blog

Makes me think about my own “final days” prep list.

  1. Keep trying to convince GAL that outlines are not necessarily EVIL and that it might soothe my soul to have a BASIC idea of where we are headed.
  2. If she still balks at the OUTLINE idea, I can always soothe myself by working on the bit of paper she is allowpid-713whatthe-2012-08-27-12-25.jpgwing me. It’s a … sort of Table of Correspondences that I’ve been growing over the years. Began with four directions, four elements…which quickly morphed into FIVE… and so began my obsession with FIVE. GAL doesn’t mind the table. She says “Bring THAT if you really some paper to hold onto.”
  3. Finish up errands like laundry and cleaning and what not, just to “clear the decks.”
  4. Take back Library books and resist bringing more home.
  5. Screw down the table in the new trailer/studio. I moved it a bit so I can see the river from my perch.
  6. RESIST overhauling said studio/trailer before the contest. It’s clean and ready to be worked in. You don’t need to paint or sew new curtains for it. You can do that AFTER the contest.
  7. Make my shopping list – foods and bevvies. I always load in way too much, but it’s good to have snacks (healthy and not so healthy) on hand and a plan for a couple of SOLID meals (cooked ahead or some crazy frozen thing).
  8. Go into town and buy the supplies – preferably by boat. The river helps me think.
  9. Remember the WINE for celebration night on Monday.
  10. Think about music a bit. People have been talking about playlists. I often work in silence, but I think I WILL work up a few playlist options. Heck if GAL won’t let me OUTLINE, she can at least help me find some tunes, right.
  11. Stay up late for the next few nights – to shift the ole bod into night time story stalking mode. Nothing wrong with day time story stalking, but I do like to start right at 12:01 on the Saturday morning and write through the first night. If I make the shift now, it will help.

That feels like a start anyhow.
Can you tell I’m going a bit squirrel-ly?

I also enjoyed The Reader’s 3-day Novel SURVIVAL GUIDE
She has tips For WRITERS and For Friends and Spouses

Check it out!

And if you haven’t already…be sure to take a look at the 3 Day Novel SURVIVAL GUIDE on the 3day site.

Some basic tips from me:

  • Stay hydrated – seriously – don’t just caff it up… you’ll go mad and crash.
  • Eat healthy snacks/meals so you don’t feel like crap-o-la. The Reader has great tips on food – easy to prepare stuff, almonds, fruit… and so on.
  • Take breaks to move your body so you don’t curl into a hunch of PAIN by the end of day two. STRETCH! A wee bit of yoga works wonders.
  • Rest when you need to – whether that means closing your eyes for a few hours or wpid-830dip-2012-08-27-12-25.jpggoing for a walk/swim/bike… some thing that isn’t staring at the page/screen.
  • Don’t let the word counters get you too worked up. Aim for a solid story – beginning – middle – end rather than just words-words-words. I do believe the judges will bless you for it.
  • I think it’s good to have a plan – and to be able to deviate from that plan.
  • Join us on the forum. It’s fun and good for “clear your head / have a giggle” breaks over the weekend without the outsider distractions of F-book and Twitter.

And now… I’m off to challenge GAL to a duel.
Really, I’m off to drive my laundry into town and maybe stop off at the Legion for a pint.

Keep scribbling -p

3 Comments on “Making Lists: Another 3day Novel Post

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  2. mothertrucking cheesdoodle. Nice addition. Yes, it is 3 am and I AM writing on your blog instead of my story. Needed a teeny tiny bucking break, so I’m taking it. Now….back to my story.

    • And a YEAR later…I find this comment and laugh my mothertrucking arse off! And now… here we are again… both of us gearing up for the 2013 rampage of … fun.

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