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wpid-img_4080-2012-09-7-10-16.jpgEmerging from the fog of the 3DNC (3 Day Novel Contest) and wanted to send you all a missive about how it went this year.
I’m still processing the whole adventure, but here’s a taste.

As you know, I went into the contest with nary a SNIFF of an outline. With a character who demanded that, this year, I simply trust that she had something to show me and that all would be revealed as the hours progressed.


I did what I could.
I loaded in tasty, healthy food and drink.
I swept out my new WRITER TRAILER.


And cleared my side of the writing table inside, near the fire.

I really DID do some yoga to loosen up and a short meditation – wherein I TRIED to clear my busy MONKEY MIND of thought, and … mostly failed and fretted.
I began writing at 12:01 AM.

I knew that the story started on the Broadway Bridge in Saskatoon SK at 4AM.
I thought it was going to be a quiet little contemplative piece with two characters:

  • GAL – who felt like… I dunno… a wise woman? An angel? God? (I STILL don’t know exactly who she is)
  • and A WOMAN – late forties, a bit on the sad and lost side… (There’s a recipe for a barrel of laughs.)

I was prepared to dive deep, immerse myself in the BIG QUESTIONS:

Why are we here?

What is our purpose?


My first clue should have been when my lead character/narrator finally got a name and it was… Casey Finnegan.
Turns out her mother had a bit of a crush on Mr. Dressup.

Gal called for back-up pretty early on…
and then there were FIVE.



… and the whole thing became a road trip.

…avec magick and witchy stuff

…………time shifting
………………….a long lost grandmother dressed as a pirate, living in an airstream…

I do believe I’m in shock.

I carried on, thought the night…


On Monday, I blinked.

I wasn’t sure that what I had written would…hold together at all.
I had followed along… taking any suggestion a character made, following the “Yes, let’s!!” rule from my old improv days.
Whatever I had written on Saturday night was a great blobby blur in my rear-view mirror.

Nothing to do for it but make up a vat of tea.
Print the thing.wpid-img_4066-2012-09-7-10-16.jpg
And have a read.

I chose ginger tea – to quell the nausea.

I didn’t hate it.
It actually isn’t that bad.
It’s sort of… fun actually.
Yeah. That’s it. FUN.


“..the wee beasty…”

I thought this one was gonna go all dark and twisty and poetic and instead…
my subconscious took me on a road trip with some kick-ass babes.

And I’m totally cool with that.

We still yacked about the big questions, we just did it with a few more sh*ts and giggles than I thought we would.

A few survival tips I learned along the way:

  1. When you go blank and need a QUICK boost – click this.
  2. And when you REALLY think ALL IS LOST – click this – and dance with wild abandon.

It will help – I swear to GAL.

I’ve sent her off into the world.wpid-img_4084-2012-09-7-10-16.jpg

The results of the contest won’t be posted til some time in January.
I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for stopping by.

Go easy -p