Harvest This – Seed That…

Did a bit of harvesting yesterday.
The beets are few – but tasty!

wpid-img_4093-2012-09-16-18-44.jpgIt’s Monday and …
Remember that crazy declaration I made some weeks ago about “turning over a new leaf” and really buckling down to rededicate myself to the writing of that there Novel in Progress… or whatevs?

Well, I haven’t erased the embarrassing post.
And I do feel like this is a fresh new year — with much to be harvested, so…here I am to fess up to how my week went.

I re-looked over the schedule of my “dream day” – and, well… I totally haven’t had one of those yet.

I’m not up that early yet – more like 8am or so.
The shack is chilly in the morning these days – so the morning yoga has only happened a few times.
It’s not QUITE chilly enough for a fire. Therein lies the problem. Once it is truly cold, perhaps I will shift into:

  • Get up
  • Light the fire and make coffee
  • Do my scribble (which, these days is taking about an hour)
  • THEN do some yoga

heh heh.

See – I can’t HELP but make lists/goals – dream of being more disciplined..

So… I only managed to hit my mat a few times this week and the guitar remains dusty but the GOOD NEWS is..

I have indeed climbed back into the NIP (novel in progress) and things are moving along at a nice steady pace – day by day.

I backed up and had a read-through to get back into the world of Miss Izzy and the gang — and this week, I have managed to add at LEAST 1000 new words per day to the manuscript.

I’m not big on the word counting thing – I know it doesn’t mean much.
But for me, right now, it is a way to measure and to insure that I get my butt in the chair and move the story forward every day.

This is what I need to do right now. I need to take what I learned with Gal and the gang and use that spirit of “yes let’s” to see where this other set of characters wants to go. I will go back… later… and craft things, of course. But for now, I really feel that I must push ahead.
It feels good to be hunched over, planting the rows of words that will hopefully blossom into a tale worth telling.
I’ll do the weeding when it’s time and hope for a fruitful harvest.

A good friend sent me a note the other day. We’d been talking, a bit about where I’m at with things and he said, “As an old friend once told me after he finished a play, ‘In the second act I just hip-waded it through the marshes.’ Maybe some hip-wading is permissible.”

He nailed it.
That is exactly where I am right now with this story – hip-wading it through the marshes.

Most days, I do a few hours and get more than the 1000 word minimum I have set for myself.
Some days they come easy and some days they come hard.
But they come.

That’s the most important thing.

I also do some work on notes outside of the “new words” and I carry on with other “writerly biz” along the way.

Two interesting things I’ve signed up for:

A live video talk by Salman Rushdie being put on by Goodreads – Sept 19th.

And a PD workshop/webinar on How to be Your Own Publicist with TWUC (The Writer’s Union of Canada) – Nov 16

How was your week – writing wise? Or yoga wise? or just plain old LIFE wise?
I hope it was good and I wish you a fabulous Monday and hereby blow a breath of fresh air over any new endeavors you’ve undertaken.

Thanks for stopping by.
Go easy -p

8 Comments on “Harvest This – Seed That…

  1. My week? Pretty good so far. I made a sad attempt at your list yesterday. I got up, not so early, and went to yoga for an hour.
    Then, I hauled the writing back pack over to Panera and bought more bagels than was good for me and I wrote for about an hour. It was new stuff for my writer’s group that I haven’t been to since April – or maybe it was March. Hopefully, I can get it edited tonight, and somehow, find the balls to go to my group and share. It is tough after being away for so long.
    That’s about where my completion of your list ended. In my defense, I do have a cold, but we all know that’s just an excuse. Meh, I’ll try again next week.

    • Hey Tiffany – I let out a big WOOT WOOT for the yoga AND some new words on the page.

      I know what you mean about being away from your group for such a long time and the nerves heading back in. I’m sure they’ll be really glad to see you and catch up on what you’ve been doing – and what they have.

      Did you guys all take the summer off from the group? Summers are tough, with people being away and so on.

      I’m in a group with 5 other writer gals. We are now spread all across the country. We try to meet up online for a chat once a month. Didn’t happen over the summer – though there were some fabulous emails flying around.

      We aren’t really a read/critique group. We have shared our stuff and also read books and then discussed them but mostly we just yack about what is like to … LIVE this wacky “writer’s life.”

      We have gathered for one FABULOUS writing retreat and hope to do it again in the Spring. Nothing like a houseful of other writers working to get the words flowing. And the wine and companionship at days end is pretty groovy too.

      Hope the group goes well for you this week!
      And the yoga.
      And always – the scribbling.

      go easy -p

      • I had some things to work through and didn’t want to write while I worked through them, so I didn’t really write anything all summer. They’ve still been meeting. I just haven’t gone. It’s a fairly informal group led by one of the local librarians. I found out about it through some of my NaNoWriMo peeps.
        We write flash fiction according to a theme. Then we read and discuss. It is really constructive and I love it, but it feels like going back for the first time after being gone so long.
        I’m all prepped for tonight. Hopefully, I’ll find the balls to go!
        I’m really wanting to do some kind of retreat. That sounds like so much fun!

  2. Progress is progress! It’s awesome that you’re writing that much. I always have this thing where I think, “I’m going to TURN MY LIFE AROUND. TOMORROW.” And that never goes according to plan. I’m making small changes at the moment (getting up earlier, exercising before work instead of rolling out of bed and living off coffee and cigarettes for most of the day). Writing is a bit on the back burner at the moment because work is overwhelming, but come October I’m going to try to incorporate daily writing into the routine. Probably not a thousand words a day, but even a hundred words a day would be better than what I’m doing right now.

    • Hey Cait
      Oh man do I hear that – re: “I’m going to turn my life around…tomorrow!” Heh heh. And the living on coffee and smokes all day. I’m still, SOMEHOW on pause with the smoking – thank the gawdess… but I tend to forget about eating and then totally PIG out at night. Not so healthy. Sigh.

      I am SO blessed right now to be able to focus on the writing. I have been blessed blessed blessed by the Canada Council (and our peers) so the WRITING IS THE JOB right now. Having this time to work on the novel (and my writing as a whole) has been a boon beyond compare.

      I so need to see this novel through to the end.
      I need to.
      For them and for myself.
      I do see it as a contract that I must fulfill – for the Council.
      But it is… well… I’m at this place where sometimes I fear that if I don’t finish this novel — WELL, that… I just dunno if I will ever finish anything else. Y’know?

      I know how hard it is to keep the writing momentum in the midst of an all consuming job-job. I don’t know how folks do it. When I was working on Mostly Happy I took contract jobs and then… time “off” to write. I was also blessed by the support of the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Canada Council. I’m pretty sure that Mostly Happy would not exist without their help. I would not be the writer I am today without their support. They gave me time to work and even more – they gave me the confidence that my work was/is … GOOD.

      I send you COURAGE as you continue work on the novel.
      And I say – keep it up with the exercising too – makes SUCH a difference to our energy levels.

      Yeah… that’s the ticket.

      go easy -p

      • Oh no! Well, I’m not sure I’m *much* better than the not eating — I’m living off granola bars, and telling myself coffee counts as food if it’s got a lot of milk in it…baby steps! And as you say, balance.

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Because there's never enough time to do it right the first time but there's always enough time to do it over

Ailish Sinclair

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Starting Over

Because there's never enough time to do it right the first time but there's always enough time to do it over

Ailish Sinclair

Stories and photos from Scotland

Cathy Standiford

Historical fiction, poetry, essays

Keeping the Dream

The Healing Journey and Covert Abuse

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