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I’ve been playing about with the layout of the site. Adding this and that… trying things out.

I’ve begun working on some Resources for Writers.
I plan to use the section to guide people to … STUFF that I find interesting and/or integral to life as a writer.
You can check it all out ABOVE… but I thought it deserved a post of it’s own as well.

First of all… the books. I spent a few hours creating a new shelf on my Goodreads page. It’s called Reading for Writers and it holds books I have read as well as books that other writers have recommended to me that I haven’t read yet. I also spent some time putting together the beginning of my own PERSONAL favourites.

I also want to let you know about the fabulous writers’ organizations I belong to. The Writers’ Union of Canada (TWUC), the The Playwrights Guild of Canada (PGC), Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild (SWG) and the place that served as my first HOME as a writer – Saskatchewan Playwrights’ Centre (SPC).

Why do I belong to these organizations?
There are many many reasons, but topmost, for me, are … COMMUNITY and SOLIDARITY. I add my voice (and my membership fees) to the voices of other writers as we speak out on various causes like Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Read, Copyright, Health Care for Artists…etcetera. Together we can (and ARE) speaking up when the government threatens our libraries, our archives and stages overt or covert attacks on Arts and Culture in Canada. These organizations are full of smart, articulate people: solid staff and fellow writers who volunteer copious amount of their time to work on behalf of all of us. I salute them and I support them.

These organizations also offer a variety of programs and services that support me, personally, as a writer: workshops on Craft and Professional Development, financial support for readings, manuscript evaluations, workshops of my plays with professional actors/directors/dramaturgs… the list goes on an on.

On the Writers’ Retreats front – I’m an alumni of the Sage Hill Writing Experience – as both a a participant and an instructor of the Teen Writing Experience.

As for Arts Funding in Canada – I have been blessed with support from The Canada Council (CC) and the Saskatchewan Arts Board (SAB). Through these funding bodies, my peers have awarded me with the thing I need the most – TiME to work. I have also worked with publishers, theatre companies and non-profit organizations that receive support from these bodies. I can not sing their praises loud enough and I once again lend my voice, and time, to their fierce defence.

And so we come to the mainstays in my personal support system… the friends/mentors/fellow artists I have met along the way.
The folks I gather with online or in person to shoot the sh*t with.

I’ve found a lively, supportive bunch over on the ABEbooks forums and am building this online tribe as I cruise new blogs and sites every day.
I’m getting to know the writers of the near north of Ontario now that we’ve relocated to these parts. Happy to be part of the newly formed NOLL (Northeastern Ontario Literary Lights).

But my bedrock are my REAL LIFE friends and cohorts who share their wisdom with me and the agonies and ecstasies of this crazy life.

Like Kurt Vonnegut’s son Mark said, “We’re here to get each other through this thing, whatever it is.”

Feel free to drop a line about what (or who) helps you “get through” and keeps you laying those words on the page.

Thanks for stopping by.

go easy -p

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    • Hey Holly – let me know if anything looks… WONKY or doesn’t work.

      Thanks for stopping by 😉

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