Shake and Bake 3: The “joy JOY joy” Edition

Blue Bird - Samburu (photo credit:Pam Bustin 2005)In homage to Havi’s Friday Chickens over on the The Fluent Self — This is the place I review my week – in an attempt to track some things – like progress on my novel and… living intentionally.
Call it an experiment in paying attention.

THIS WEEK’S EXPERIMENT: Getting OUT of bed at 7AM each morning.

THE RESULT: Tu-Naaa! I did it.
It was tempting some days to cuddle back into the warmth but I counted down the days and DID IT!!! And oh I’m so happy I did. It opened up so many things.


  • Insomnia!  Oh to sleeeeeep for six hours at a stretch…. please please.
  • Being a big ole judgey-pants of my self.
    • starting to REALLY notice this. Hoping that noticing leads to … lightening up/shifting this.
  • Being content to keep it simple and not pile on more more more…
    • this may simply be an off-shoot of the aforementioned Mz Judgey-Pants sticking her snoot in and trying to sabotage …. again and still…Being content to keep it simple and not pile on more more more…


  • the work the work the work!
  • the nights I DID find sleep were so very sweet.  Thank you.
  • bits of work around the shack to make it cozier and cozier.
  • shiny bits of wisdom landing in my lap
    • from online lectures: stop and notice the judging and lay a hand on yourself (on cheek, heart, for me it is tucking in my thumbs) and let yourself know that you are OK – for me this week the sentiment has been, “It’s OK, raggedy-girl. You are fine. Be gentle” – the raggedy is not a judgement, it makes me smile. (see Dr. WHO aka “raggedy man”)
    • from magical books arriving in my hands at just the right moment: the concept of switching my constant “I should… I need to…” over to “Wouldn’t it be lovely if…” I do believe this could save my life.
    • a visit from a lovely woman I am just getting to know: the vision of a lonely childhood and the urge to go back in time and visit that child and take a walk with her.
  • I’ve got the Joy joy JOY joy down in my heart…down in my heart…
    • the joy of actually DOING what I set out to do for the week (work wise)
    • the joy of eating breakfast and bonus of NOTICING what I am eating through out the day
    • the joy of guitar callouses and hand strength returning from… daily practice
    • the joy of walking
  • And… all this stemming from….
    • a huge happy dance about the getting up each day at 7am! Cheeeeers for me!


The TyperI am tempted to make this week’s experiment about turning off THE MACHINE earlier each night… but I also feel like that just might be me PILING MORE AND MORE STUFF ON.

As so much is falling into place by focussing on rising earlier and eating breakfast… I say… let’s have another week of the same!

And… I may BEGIN to turn my attention…. GENTLY… to getting off the Typer and into bed earlier too but… no presha!

And… How was your Week?

Thanks for stopping by.

go easy-p

2 Comments on “Shake and Bake 3: The “joy JOY joy” Edition

  1. Hey Holly –
    Totally glad to be an inspiration, as you often inspire me to find some /make some delicious food for myself.

    Good luck with the earlier rising – don’t go TOO early though.
    That is almost always my mistake – I think, “You should get up at 6AM and get to work!!!!” and I try and then…. fail and feel like a big ole LAZY again. 7 seems to be juuuuuust right these days.

    Sleep is such a blessing.
    We need to enjoy that too…right?

    Now… If only I could learn the secret of NAPPING.

    Thanks for stopping by.
    go easy -p

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