Shake and Bake 4: The “Moving On” Edition

Ostrich on the Masai Mara (P.Bustin 2008)
Ostrich on the Masai Mara

In homage to Havi’s Friday Chickens over on the The Fluent Self — This is the place I review my week – in an attempt to track some things – like progress on my novel and… living intentionally.
Call it an experiment in paying attention.


Getting up at 7am and eating Breakfast.


Up Mon-Fri at 7am and …. ate SOMETHING each morning but not truly fabulous breakfasts.

The Quick Chicken:

Work on NIP: A bit of a discombobulating week – fitting in shiny bits from previous weeks’ work and exploring the CORE. Seeking the clear clean line through amidst chaotic ramblings and demands from various characters.

Walks – hells ya – every day!

Guitar – missed two days – boo hiss! But picked up again and blustered on. Callouses continue to grow.

Yoga/Meditation – Only once, on the weekend. Sad lonely yoga mat.

And…the rest of the week…


  • A heart sadness:
    • A dear friend crossed-over/passed on/left us.
      • I hurt for her son and daughter and I grieve her loss.
      • I am thankful she had a gentle transition with her loved ones at her side.
  • Rough going some days in the NIP.
    • Hit a different rhythm this week, doing a different thing, a not as much fun thing as last week.
    • I need to allow myself to enjoy, embrace and celebrate all the different pieces and ways of working that are necessary to this creation.
  • Saying “I need to”WAY too much – as a judging thing.
    • Need to need to need to…should should should…these words will bury me.
    • At least I notice them now. That’s gotta be good, right?


  • A gentle passing:
    • I’m glad M has found rest, or moved forward to become a galactic ambassador – she would make a lovely ambassador, having been a healer in this realm.
    • I’m glad R could be home, with his mother this week. A miracle of timing that we are all so grateful for.
    • I’m honoured that I was invited into the room to say my farewell. I hold her memory in my heart and I wave to her departing essence from the shore.
  • Lending a hand:
    • Pleased to be able to help some pals shift their stuff into a new home.
    • Twas a joy to spend some time helping out, working some muscles, feeling useful and just hanging out with them and their fabulous furry friends.
  • Celebrating the Work Rhythm!
    • I did a super happy dance in celebration of the new rhythm of the 2 hours pure writing time I’ve followed through on for the past few weeks. And also give a woot woot for all the word done OUTSIDE the writing time – the researching, thoughtful walking and dreaming.
    • It feels so good, and though I had a rough time on Thurs and Fri — feeling overwhelmed by how much I NEED (yeah yeah, there it is again) to work on and feeling like I will never get it all in, all right, all….fabulous… I know that this is what is needed…steady, forward movement.
    • Word by word I build it!


It’s time, Pam. Time to make the move to… escape the MACHINE. In an attempt to free myself from my current online obsession/addiction…this weeks experiment will be….

the terror! (p.bustin 2008)

To TURN OFF the TYPER MACHINE by 7pm each day
– except Monday when I will be watching episode 4 of The Compassionate Brain from 8-9pm.
AND…. to have one day entirely FREE of said machine.

Fingers crossed, my people.

This could be a rough one!

And… How was your Week?

Feel free to drop a Saturday SHAKE & BAKE of your own

– no matter what day it is.

Thanks for stopping by.

go easy-p

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