Shake and Bake 18: The Fred and Willie Edition

shake it bake it
BIG nods to Havi Brooks over at The Fluent Self

OK…. hands up everyone who has had Just About Enough of this cold.

Seriously.  It’s -34C up here.  AGAIN.

Well… I’ve good news for you all.  Despite my sad face at a sunny shiny Imbolc yesterday — Wiarton Willie is predicting an early Spring.  Along with Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil.  Sadly…Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam and Quebec’s groundhog, Fred, are on the opposite side of the fence, predicting 6  more weeks of Winter.  It’s all up to Winnipeg Willow to break the tie.  C’mon girl, bring me some summertime!!!!

Time for the Saturday Chicken/Check-in Ritual.

The Quick Chicken (The Doings that help me with the Being):

Walks: 2/7 – but much wood carrying and shoveling

Guitar: 4/7             *see me grinning*

Yoga/Meditation: 3/7 – so cold so cold too cold for yoga

Work on NIP: 5/5 ++ but hard slogging


THE RESULT: Even with the focus… I struggled.  Wanted to try different times.  Even set myself a schedule. DID NOT FOLLOW the schedule at all.  But I DID play.  Always around 5pm.  So hey… that must be the time.

And…the rest of the week…

What worked? (THE THIng to bake in)

One-foot-in-front-of-the-other….That sounds a bit… trudgey… and I suppose it was, but it worked to keep me moving through.

It was a heckuva week with the NIP.  Realizing early in the week that though I THOUGHT I had a clear shot to “the big scene”, to the climax, to the end of the first incredibly rough and rambly draft…. this is not really the case.  The FEARS kicked in.  The fear that the ending I have in mind might be…. NOT the ending.  There may have to be “darlings” killed.  Oh woe oh woe.

Decided the only sane and hopefully smart thing to do is to print the beast and have a read through.  Of the Manuscript, the Work Journal Notes and the Book within the Book that I created in November.  Read it ALL and see where we are headed.


I’m in the midst of this right now.  Lend me a wave if you can.

I also noticed in my Friday review of the Scrib that I kept saying… “move along” “move forward” “finding my way through” in reference to… LIFE.

It feels very much like this year is about … finding my way through.

Not that I have been… HORRIBLY lost… but… Well, I think a lot of you know whereof I speak.

We are finding our way through.  Nuff said.

For now.

Next time I might…

Ease up a bit sooner.

Know that…

Yes… this is the direction we are headed.Encourage the one foot two foot red foot blue foot.

But also… go sit under that imaginary tree in the imaginary SUNSHINE and take a quiet moment to rest and recover and let this new material sink in to yourSelf.


shake – the trudgery drudgery nature of work this week.
– the cold the relentless cooooooollllld.
– the sore ache in my hands from the cold.
– the fear that I may have taken a left turn at Albuquerque.




+ moving forward… moving forward… moving forward even so.
+ the presence of The Women I Can Say Anything To.
+ food.  cooking simple tasty food.  eating simple tasty food.
+ picking up the guitar again.
+ knowing deep down – deep knowing – that all will be well.  All will be well.


I’ve found that the “EXPERIMENTS” that work best for me are those that are very concrete – like EAT BREAKFAST.  Something I can DO physically and know that I must come back here and tell you how it went.

So…. this week I plan to stick with the Guitar.  Give it my focus.  Find/Make/Take that time each day.  I have my practice schedule printed out.  1/2hr each day.  We’ll see how it goes.

“And my hands hurt, from playing my guitar…”

Here’s a little Fred Eaglesmith.  This is the song I practice with.  I love it.

Stay Groovy.

And, as always…

go easy ~p (I love that Lil Swirly – thanks fc)

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