21 Monkeys – Day FOUR: Weepfest

DAY FOUR of the Miraculous Relationships 21 Day Meditation Challenge with Deepak and Oprah
DAY FOUR of the Miraculous Relationships 21 Day Meditation Challenge with Deepak and Oprah

A weepy day.  A downright weepy day. And…no joke from the monkey. Hmmm.

Deepak’s voice makes me weep.

And words about self-nurturing and how loveable I am… gawd I can still barely listen to that sort of thing.

I keep thinking I’m moving along in this area and then… I just weep.

So there is that.

Then there is today’s Mindful Moment:

Today, begin a practice of daily self-care. Begin by making a list of the loving things you can do for yourself this week—then set the intention to complete one of the items on your list every day. Consider posting the list somewhere prominent or maybe schedule a daily reminder on your phone or computer. Here are a few suggestions: write down one quality you love about yourself, remember to pause and take a few deep breaths when you’re feeling stressed, take a walk or enjoy a good meal with a friend rather than grabbing a sandwich at your desk. As you give freely to yourself you’ll experience the loving awareness that is your natural state.

 And I write…

Oh lordy – that just feels so HARD.  And isn’t that silly. I sit here and realize that these …things… I aim to do each day (The Doings that help me with the Being) are indeed self nurturing and… I can not seem to do them. They seem so simple and to take so little time and yet… I can not do them. The only thing that ever ever sticks and is done every day is the Scrib and the Scrib is good but I know that these other things are good too…

I do not want to add to this list of things not done. 

But what if I can do something small – smaller even. Small and simple and doable?

I would like to take those deep breaths.

I would like to stand and stretch and ground and remember this intention — “To see and hear what is around you – right now.”

This will feed me.  This is kind. This, honestly, is enough.

Hmm… for today – let this be enough.

We will head into town today.  Another funeral.  A sweet man with a ready smile and a generous generous heart.  We are taking in some Zesty Beans and Rice for the potluck at the Legion.  We comfort each other with food and embraces… and stories of his life.

May your day go easy ~p

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