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Shake and Bakes are my quarterly check-ins (CHICKENS!). They used to be weekly – but this year they are happening in line with the moon. I use these posts to … shake out the happenings of my work and my life in general in an attempt to Shake off the bad and Bake in the good. It’s about … gratitude, paying attention and now..living by the moon.

Last Quarter – Pike Moon

Sail Away by Angel Ray

Sail Away by Angel Ray

Time to…

  • Pause and take a look back at our progress this moonth.  See how it lined up with our Intentions for this moon and whether we need to make any adjustments.
  • Think on what we would like to wrap up before the dark moon.
  • Begin to turn our thoughts to possible intentions for the coming new moon cycle (March 1st).

I find myself focusing on my progress on the novel again today as I think about my “progress.”

I am flying solo for a few weeks now, as The Raggedy Man is off on a sailing adventure in the Virgins Islands (LUCKY buggah). And I’m really feeling a desire to HUNKER DOWN and work.

That said… let’s get at ‘er so I can get back to work.


Reviewing Intentions

Θ (theta) earth – home – touch

  • The grounding/structural work on Sanctuary continues.  I am still working with LogicMind in Aeon Timeline with flashes of light and insight from WildMind to illuminate my way through the story.

Φ (phi) air – relationships – scent

  • The last few days, I have been tracing the journeys of a few “seemingly minor” characters through the book.  Looking at their relationships to the “main” characters and the main storyline as well as… an emerging storyline.  It’s fascinating.
  • It is as though the Mundane (as in “of this earthly world as opposed to a heavenly/spiritual/magical world) storyline really is mostly in place but the thing that was driving me to despair is that there is something else trying to break through… the Small Magics of the deeper tale…
  • These strange bits have been there since the beginning – but I thought they were just… WildMind ramblings that had naught to to do with Izzy’s story.
  • Well… my subconscious once again proves to bring up the juiciest bits – despite my silly limiting ideas of what I THINK I am trying to say.  Heh heh. 
  • This may sound confusing. Sorry.  It’s hard to explain. Just know that it is a good good thing.  I think.

Χ (chi) fire – work – vision

  • The flashes from WildMind continue to light my way.  I work with the Logic… patiently tracing the lines and then I get up to get a cup of tea, or I’m walking the dog and … suddenly I see it.  I run back to the scribble book to capture the insight.
  • This is very good.  Very very good.

Ξ (ksi) water – health – taste

  • I can feel the drop in the flow of energy since the full moon.  I feel it in the body and in my psyche.  But I continue to work.  This is key… the continuing.

Ψ (psi) quintessence – spirit – hearing/listening

  • My morning Sits continue to carry me through.
  • I am still struggling to get to the cushion in the evening.
  • I can’t decide whether I should KEEP ON TRYING each day to go and Sit in the evening… or if I should just… be happy with an hour in the morning.

Any thoughts on this from fellow meditators?

I’d love to hear how often you sit, for how long and what technique works best for you.


Things to Wrap Up before the DARK moon

I would love love LOVE to finish up with this timeline work by Friday and be heading into “real” revision work by the new moon.

I know this is “real” work too – but I can now see a heap of new scenes that need writing and I’m itching to get at them.

If a scene lands in my lap – I will totally take the time to write it.  But, overall, I plan to stick with what I am doing with the timeline/journeys/relationships and see it through to the end.  I am finding so much… I think it is worth it… even if it feels like “drudge work” some days.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.


I’ve an urge to play Drift Away again for you… but let us embrace the Random instead.

Tom Russell’s fabulous song for Edith Piaf is playing right now on my Folk Roots station….It’s called Chocolate Cigarettes and it just might crack yer heart open.

I send it from me… and the Raggedy One…


Thanks for popping by.

No regrets…

Go easy ~p