RandomLand 4: Rocking the 2nd Hand Store

Hullo Sweeties…

It’s Friday time to hop aboard the RANDOM train with the folks playing  Random 5 Fridays  with  A Rural Journal. Today I set out to seek out random goodness at the local Second Hand Store.

Here’s what I found.


1.Skipping Rope

Cuz I am soooo gonna get in shape this summer….right?

skipping rope


2.Rubber Boots

Cuz what’s the point of only having one?

new rubber boots


3. Groovy looking Crock/Canisters with cork lids

With something very very dead and smelly in the small one.

Zoe wants to find out what it is!

crocks with NOSE crocks


4. Fascinating Books

4 booksWild Animals of North America, Holistic Herbal, Book 3 of The Illustrated Library of Nature and Quotations to Cheer You Up.


5. And…. A gorgeous  reversible Hippy Bag to bring it all home in.

hippy bagCan I say …. SCORE!!!!!!?

Today was also our first day above ZERO (celsius) so I’m a tad…. Happy.  Though our world still looks pretty much like this…

I love Shovelling!



Have a great weekend.

May the Sacred Random bring you much joy in the week to come. ~p

9 Comments on “RandomLand 4: Rocking the 2nd Hand Store

    • I totally bought a hula hoop last year…but it is so light…I think I need to add weight to it.
      Or maybe i just need to..practice…practice…practice!

      Thanks for the reminder, Sarah.

    • I KNOW,right? These boots are made fer puddlin!
      And that snow came allllll the way up here, too.

  1. Hi Pam, Wendy here from the Resilient Mind mob! Your description of your Second Hand shop trip sounds like you are already well into breaking out of self imposed “bubbles”! Waving to you from humid, hot pre-monsoonal Mepal where it is so hard to imagine all that snow!

    • Hey Wendy
      Thanks for popping over and leaving me breadcrumbs to follow you back to your corner of the interweb.
      I wonder if we concentrated REAL hard if i could send you a cool refreshing breeze and you could send me WARMTH! Heh heh.

      Ah well, soon the snow will go and I will be back on the shores of my beloved river soaking up the sun.

      Have a great day.

  2. Not a big fan of shovelling, but since it gives me something to do outdoors, I take the job. Who doesn’t love a hippy bag?

  3. About the Hula hoop..there are ones made especially for exercising; heavier and made to grip. I have one and love it. The photo of you with the shovel just made me laugh!

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