Shake and Bake 71 – Dancing with Discombobulation

Shake and Bakes are my quarterly check-ins (CHICKENS!). They happen in line with the moon. I use these posts to … shake out the happenings of my work and my life in general in an attempt to Shake off the bad and Bake in the good. It’s about … gratitude, paying attention and living by the moon. I began this ritual after spending time with Havi at and I’m also grateful for Astrological insights I’m gaining through April over at

Last Quarter Raven Moon – Energy wanes…. as we pack up and head for home.

The grand clean up has begun… the piles of packing are growing.  By Friday night, we will be back in our beloved Shakey Shack.

...step by step...

I’m excited to be returning in time to greet the turning of the season.  That is one of the things about living out on the Bay.

Spring is coming …. it must be coming…Though we are still locked in cold, we did have one day this last week when I walked with my coat open and Zoe and I felt the sun on our skin (and fur).

I’m glad I will have the privilege of watching Spring’s stealthy approach from the shack.  It begins so slow…and then…. it races towards us full on.

The break up of the ice is…. astoundingly beautiful.

As I mop floors and polish surfaces here at the house-sit, I am so grateful for the time we spent here. It’s been another adventure – being Town Folk for a few months.  And time with Zoe has been healing for all of us.  We miss our sweet Robbie something fierce.  It will be hard to be back at the shack without her.  Well… she is with us still in some way.  She will watch the ice go out with us.  And she will run like a pup again.

The challenge for me this week is to keep up the work on the book through the discombobulation of packing and moving home.  I wonder how I will do.


Reviewing Intentions

Last quarter – a chance to tweak intentions, wrap things up, find rest and begin to dream for next moonth.

Θ (theta) earth – home – touch

  • The the step-by-step revising work on Sanctuary continues and there are surprises… as always.  I love the fact that showing up – getting my butt in the chair – allows the Flow to come.  And I am really enjoying the dance between the “old” and the “new” that is happening with the reVisions.
    • I get scared, sometimes.  That there is still so much to do. But what else is new?

Φ (phi) air – relationships – scent

  • Keeping the eyes open for small opportunities to “Be Kind” has made life lovely this week.  It just feels GOOD, doesn’t it?

Χ (chi) fire – work – vision

  • Still chugging ahead towards draft two and that April 22nd (Last Quarter of the April Moon) “deadline”.
  • As new ideas slip in… I wonder how on earth I will make it… but I’m going to let it stand for now.

Ξ (ksi) water – health – taste

  • The intention to BE THERE… to get my butt into the chair and be open for the FLOW is bang on.  The few days that I didn’t manage to work WEIGH on me… but life is life and living it can pull us from even our deepest desires.
  • I know this week it will be even tougher to get my butt in the chair.  I hereby… strengthen my resolve to DO IT.  Even if it is for a short session, I very very much want to get to it each and every day.

Ψ (psi) quintessence – spirit – hearing/listening

  • I did it!  I did it!  I sat for 1/2 each day at 4pm. Very cool.  I hope to continue that this week – but again…. I foresee… discombobulation 😉

I had a very very disturbing experience in my morning sit yesterday.

I decided to do something different and do a guided meditation.

I looked for one that was based on Vipassana. I found a 60 minute body contemplation Sit and I was truly loving it until the 50 minute mark when the woman leading it got into all the stuff about the Buddha saying the body is a big rubbish bag and … Well… She seemed to be going on and on about how dirty and disgusting the body is and….finally she pushed me right out of my posture.

I just couldn’t take it.

I let the recording run out, but i was no longer Sitting.

I can grasp that…we are not the body.

I can also grasp or at least…begin to truly understand the impermanence of the body and the mind.

I just don’t see why there needs to be a total…aversion to the body and to all bodily functions and fluids. Why must we see the body as ugly and dirty? Can we not just….experience what it is like to be here on earth IN this body?

I spent far too long being totally, out of touch and actually HATING my body.  And her words totally triggered me back to some very old personal shit.

It was awful. But I posted to a few groups … One focussed on Vipassana and one for women and got some great feedback and support. I feel a lot better now.  And I am grateful for the thoughtful responses I got to my cry for help.

I am also celebrating the fact that I … didn’t just sit there and ABSORB that poison.  For to me, it is poison.

I was going to write a separate MONDAY Musing post about this… but…. there are more floors to wash!

And with that in mind… time for me to get to it.


Thanks for popping by.

May this week bring you… things completed… and well deserved REST.

And yes…. because of the triggery time… it’s time for a lil Indigo Girls… I can never share this song ENOUGH.

Be well, friend.

Go easy ~p

4 Comments on “Shake and Bake 71 – Dancing with Discombobulation

  1. Here’s wishing you an easy move back…and more Spring in the days to come! Happy Monday – Tanya

  2. Oh, how I love that song! I would have handled that guided meditation much in the same way. How can we possibly be at peace on this planet if we can’t accept our bodies while we are here? I can’t imagine walking around, completely disgusted with this body I’m traveling in, unable to wait until the next time I can meditate myself right out of it. Sheesh.

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Because there's never enough time to do it right the first time but there's always enough time to do it over

Ailish Sinclair

Stories and photos from Scotland

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Starting Over

Because there's never enough time to do it right the first time but there's always enough time to do it over

Ailish Sinclair

Stories and photos from Scotland

Cathy Standiford

Historical fiction, poetry, essays

Keeping the Dream

The Healing Journey and Covert Abuse

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