Written at 12:56 pm in the Regina International Airport under a clear blue sky…

What a glorious time we’ve had.

Writing North 5 was so nourishing for me. Being back with pals and surrounded by curious, adventuresome writers of all ilks. Walking by the river. Galumphing down Broadway. Being challenged to dig into this blessed life I’m living and share what it has been like so far.


And then the chance to come on home to Regina for a week and see friends and family And watch The Raggedy Man weave his magic. Weeping goodness, my friends.


Deep thanks and love to all of you who made it out to see us and spend some time.

And for those we "missed"… Let’s hope the next trip back comes soon.

Spent yesterday lunching, roaming through galleries checking out Art by the fabulous Shannon Sisters ( you can Diane at http://www.dianneshannonarttherapy.ca ) and Wilf Perrault ( http://www.mackenzieartgallery.ca/engage/exhibitions/wilf-perreault-in-the-alley ) and seeing Salt Baby ( interview with director Yvette Nolan http://globetheatrelive.com/news/item/?n=606 ) in the Sandbox at the Globe Theatre.

Got home sleepy and full up of beauty.
Finished off the evening with yet another wonderful chat with our hosts at Casa del Toro.

I miss them already.

We slide back to T.O. for a night now and we are off to ChiTown on Saturday – beginning the International part(s) of our Lookabout.

Wishing a wonderful weekend to one and all.

Go easy ~p