Note Two from the Texas Eagle…

Written 2.4.15 – 2.5.15 on the train….

A day of reading and snacking, snacking and reading…

Picture not taken but clear on the screen to my minds eye… A woman in a red bunnyhug (hoodie) walking down an East Texas red clay backroad.

…cue the Michelle Wright song…

Passing through Dallas, the podcast I downloaded from AmTrak had us keeping our eyes open for that ole Book Depository and… we saw The Grassy Knoll. We stared at it and then at each other and the Raggedy Man said, "I feel weird in my belly." I did, too.

1:37 pm Hopped off for a stretch in Fort Worth Texas…

3:49 Passed a field filled with cows. They were black or brown with a white stripe round their bellies. At the end of the field, a herd of deer munched. The land is very green.

4:38M hops off in Temple to snap some pics of the funky looking station and an old old SantaFe train with a Pullman car. Pics to be loaded up here once we get home 🙂


7:38 AM 02.5.15 Just past Del Rio TX…. Desert sunrise. Oh my soul.

Had a stetch in San Antonio while they turned the seats in our car around. Then, another sleep. Woke to movement around 2:45AM as we rolled out of town.

I’m sleeping pretty good on this here train. The hip is a bit achey this morning, but overall I am super-dupe.

Sitting in the new cafe car, I fill up my eyes with pink tinged earth and cactus blossom.

We don’t have the amazing Observation Car anymore. The Cafe Car has tables and regular windows instead of the big wrap arounds we had on the last leg. I guess some might think there isn’t a lot to look at out here, that the desert isn’t that interesting, but it will always be fascinating to me. And always…the sky…the sky…the sky…

I sit here with a goofy grin and take it all in.

I want to jump off this train and go for a walk.

10:08-10:38 A hop off in Alpine TX

2:06 leaving El Paso we see the red thunderbird on the hill… Glorious.

4:13 just past the Quaker town of Lordsburg NM

Time to make some dinner…

In Tucson, we hopped off and found a woman near the station selling tasty burritos from a cooler. The train filled up and we spent the night sharing a seat. I still slept pretty darned well.

Arrived in LA about 15 min after our scheduled arrival time. We bow to AmTrak efficiency.

Off to find tickets San Diego!

Going easy ~p

2 Comments on “Note Two from the Texas Eagle…

  1. The fella in the ten-gallon hat? The white hat? Would it be Hoss Cartwright, i.e., the actor Dan Blocker?

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