"The soul thrives on adventure. Deprived of adventure, our optimism fails us."

As is the idea that inner-artist rebellion may take the form of "self-involved crankiness."
And…."When we avoid risk, we court depression."

Man, I am struggling my way through this book.
Man, I am struggling my way through this life right now.

Rising to the top of my consciousness this week is…my inability to send my work out into the world. The inability to…finish things to my satisfaction and to share them. Along with this realization, I wish I could say that there has been an answering wave of creative energy and bravery. But alas….I find the opposite is true.

There is no energy.
There is barely the energy to come here and attempt a post.

I am depressed.
I said it.

Now what?

The good news is that I know one thing.
I know that the only constant in life is CHANGE.
I know that I will emerge from this.

I am reading the book.
I am working the tasks.
I also have another challenge that takes me away from my … "Self-involved crankiness."
I’m helping a friend edit his first book.
I think that book, and maybe this book as well, are saving my life right now.

Sorry I can’t seem to talk about it much.

On we go. ~p