Sometimes I think I should do some really SHORT blog posts.  Like this…

My day today was hard and good.

I found it nigh on IMPOSSIBLE to settle to the work this morning. Finally did. Got a solid hour in before it was time to go lunch. Huzzah.

Dove back in after lunch and spent 3 hours destroying a wee scene. Changed. Added. Subtracted. Multiplied the verbs. Tripled the square of the hypotenuse… Heck I did everything but ply it with bourbon! In the end… The scene is pretty much the same as it started out, with the addition of two short lines.

Totally Worth It.

Walked and ate and worked again.

Went downstairs and watched some DEADLY fast ping pong playing.

Came upstairs, made some ginger tea, sat down at the typer machine, fully meaning to KEEP GOING and…
Dunno if I will.

Sipping tea now.
Debating if tis better to slog on or to rest and begin anew in the morn.
Beginning anew is winning.


Found her over at madhatters.me.uk but can’t tell who the artist is. If you know…drop me a line. She’s adorable!

go easy ~p