81gwnrvctrl-_sl1500_Watched Tiny Furniture by Lena Dunham a few days ago.

Another NetFlix find.

It’s a film that sticks with you.  Discomfortingly so and yet…in a humanly/real way — if that makes any sense at all.  Not humanely as in merciful or compassionate but HUMANly – as in, “Yes. This is what it is to be a human.”

I found the film resonating within me on a deep-down emotional level.

The surface of this character’s life is far from my world.  The Tribeca loft where she lives with her mother and sister.  That weird…entitlement… of moneyed folks that I can never understand.

But the loneliness.  The awkwardness.  The strangeness of life.  These things landed and stuck for me.

I’m keeping this one on my List.  To watch it again.

Dunham is best know for writing/directing/producing and acting in the hit HBO series Girls. I haven’t seen any of the series – yet.  So this was my introduction to her work.

Here’s a wee bio for folks who want to know more about her.

Here’s a lovely review/film summary by Roger Ebert: http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/tiny-furniture-2010

And here’s a piece she wrote for the New Yorker that I aim to read later today:  Difficult Girl

Happy Easter, everyone.  May Spring find us, soon.

Go easy ~p