Making Strides…

Take it in Stride - the road.

the road I walk daily (p bustin 2012)So I’m in my work journal today, thinking about the steps I am taking with this new novel and in my life and  I go to the thesaurus and it is fascinating to me…
Yes– this is what I am doing… taking steps, stepping up, pacing, striding, taking it forward a hop-skip and a jump.
I’m walking it, finding the rhythms, moving into step with the woman and the writer I so desire to be.  In harmony.
Making Strides.

❄ ❄ ❄

From the thesaurus in Scrivener...



1 Frank took a step forward: pace, stride.
2 she heard a step on the stairs: footstep, footfall, tread.
3 she left the room with a springy step: gait, walk, tread.
4 it is only a step to the river: short distance, stone’s throw, spitting distance; informal ‘a hop, skip, and jump’.
5 the top step: stair, tread; (steps) stairs, staircase, stairway.
6 each step of the ladder: rung, tread.
7 resigning is a very serious step: course of action, measure, move, act, action, initiative, maneuver, operation, tactic.
8 a significant step toward a ceasefire: advance, development, move, movement; breakthrough.
9 the first step on the managerial ladder: stage, level, grade, rank, degree; notch, rung.
1 she stepped gingerly through the snow: walk, move, tread, pace, stride.
2 the bull stepped on the farmer’s foot: tread on, stamp on, trample (on); squash, crush, flatten.

in step he is in step with mainstream thinking: in accord, in accordance, in harmony, in agreement, in tune, in line, in keeping, in conformity, compatible.
mind/watch one’s step just watch your step when Mrs. Kline gets here: be careful, take care, step/tread carefully, exercise care/caution, mind how one goes, look out, watch out, be wary, be on one’s guard, be on the qui vive.
out of step the paper was often out of step with public opinion: at odds, at variance, in disagreement, out of tune, out of line, not in keeping, out of harmony.
step by step I followed the directions step by step: one step at a time, bit by bit, gradually, in stages, by degrees, slowly, steadily.
step down it’s time for Rowland to step down: resign, quit, stand down, give up one’s post/job, bow out, abdicate; pack it in, call it quits.
step in 1 nobody stepped in to save the bank: intervene, intercede, involve oneself, become/get involved, take a hand. 2 I stepped in for a sick colleague: stand in, sit in, fill in, cover, substitute, take over; replace, take someone’s place; informal sub.
step on it informal if we don’t step on it we’ll miss the boat: hurry up, get a move on, speed up, go faster, be quick; informal get cracking, get moving, step on the gas; dated make haste.
step up 1 the army stepped up its offensive: increase, intensify, strengthen, augment, escalate; informal up, crank up. 2 I stepped up my pace: speed up, increase, accelerate, quicken, hasten.

❄ ❄ ❄

I like it.
I’ve decided to revamp my weekly check-in/chickens to reflect this way of thinking.
So as we contemplate our Shake and Bakes…. let’s not forget to … Take it all in Stride.

And my newest stride… I signed up for NaNoWriMo.
More on this…anon…

Wishing you all a blessed Samhain.

Thanks for stopping by.
go easy -p

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