Shake and Bake 35: The Roots N Shoots Edition

Happy Friday, All!

Because I am the boss of my own pants, I have decided to embrace a practice that one of my “Roughties” (Lia Pas) has been following for some months.  I plan to go offline for the weekends.

SAY WHAT?????!!!!!

It’s a wild idea – but entirely appealing to me.

Will I be able to do it?  Who knows. But step one is making sure to get my weekly Chicken/Check In done on Friday’s from now on.

So… sssssuper fast week or what?

And a week of… hearing about… and contemplating change / courage / new adventures.  Wheee!

Let’s dive on in.

having fun with chickensThe Quick Chicken (The Doings that help me with the Being):

  • Write: 5/5
  • Move: 5++/5
  • Matt/Sit: 3/5
  • Music:  again some singing but still the big zippo on guitar. harumph to me.


Eating Breakfast.

The Result:

Did eat SOMETHING each morning… even if it was just a muffin.

I can do better.


  • – worry and weight and worry about finding a new (to us) vehicle, affording a new vehicle, and so on and so on… blergh!
  • – still find myself wishing for more hours in the day. I have not yet made peace with time.


  • + being outside, working in the yard
  • ++ working muscles
  • +++ getting sunshine
  • ++++ yard shaping up
  • +++++ flowers and food to come
  • ++++++ simply breathing deep the clean clear air
  • + a visit to Mona’s Greenhouse with S.  So good to wander about amongst the plants. I could wander there for hours.
  • + watching a friend make a rather huge and scary decision and feeling the rush of new possibilities opening for them.  May the wind of freedom fill your heart and blow your hair wild.  May your blood rush and bring colour to your cheeks.  May you taste of joy, again.
  • + hearing that another friend has returned to school and is pursuing not one – but many dreams.  Huzzah!
  • + learning that yet another friend has been offered an amazing opportunity to share her wisdom and light in the most fanFREAKINtastically perfect way (for her).  After a long period of … near suffocation (looking back on it), this friend has exploded into bloom in the last few years.  Like a wild and juicy plant that was beset by blight and now is soaking up pure nourishment from the soil and sun and air and…. this gal is on FIYAH! And it warms my heart to see it.  Cheers!

AND THIS is The Thing that needs Baking In MOST:

Grab hold… let go… grab hold!

Meaning grab hold of life. Let go of fear.  Grab hold of passion.

I have always been a believer in the truth that we can change our lives in an instant.

  • ~ It is never too late… to start over, to make amends, to BEGIN.
  • ~ Life is short.
  • ~ Stagnating is a slow and numbing DEATH and we must find ways of waking our selves, shaking our selves up and emerging from the cottonwool that can wrap us round and cut us off from feeling truly ALIVE.

So I cheer and cheer and cheer for these three friends and for everyone who is

…off on a new adventure…taking a leap…seizing the day…living wildly…
…daring to dream…

And as for this one?

I am so happy – here – playing in the garden.  Creating a home.

For me, holding still is the grand adventure — for now.

Roots and shoots.  Roots and shoots.

I like it.

Next Week’s Playful Experiment?

I want to work on getting back to the mat.  I’ve let the yoga slip.  Now that it is warming up I will give the morning routine another go.


The Mary Rock - St Peter's Abbey
The Mary Rock – St Peter’s Abbey

May the earth be firm below you

the air be cool and fragrant

the sun warm

and the rhythms of the waves

carry you safe

til we meet again.


Thanks so much for stopping by.

go easy


In homage to Havi’s Friday Chickens over on the The Fluent Self — This is the place I review my week – in an attempt to track some things – like progress on my novel and… living intentionally. I shake out my week and lay it out. Let the hard burn off and the good sink in. Call it an experiment in paying attention.

Comments are cherished here. Discussion is adored. If you’d rather talk in private – drop me a line.

2 Comments on “Shake and Bake 35: The Roots N Shoots Edition

  1. Good luck with switching off. I really need to be strict with myself and go offline too, I have books by my bedside gathering dust. I’m slightly obsessed with knowing more and more, any insignificant question that pops into my head I must google it immediately. I spent hours last night reading comments on some anti-feminist blog, oh my! I have so much more I could be doing and thinking about. And I poo-poo people watching too much TV!

  2. Oh Lawdy LAWD – do I know what you mean!

    I too find myself lost down the bunnyhole of comments/links/hippity-hoppity-bibbity-bopping along the web til I look up and HOURS have slipped by. Ahh… the joy… Ahh the guilt 😉

    I did manage to stay offline last weekend – HUZZAH! Helped that I was out working in the yard all day – and LOVING IT! The evenings were a bit harder for me…but I managed to fight off the urge.

    As to this weekend…and the next and the next and… well… we’ll see how she goes.

    Have a great week/month/summer!

    Go easy ~p

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Because there's never enough time to do it right the first time but there's always enough time to do it over

Ailish Sinclair

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Starting Over

Because there's never enough time to do it right the first time but there's always enough time to do it over

Ailish Sinclair

Stories and photos from Scotland

Cathy Standiford

Historical fiction, poetry, essays

Keeping the Dream

The Healing Journey and Covert Abuse

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