Shake and Bake 36: The Santa Fe Edition

Hullo Sweeties!

Sunset -St Pete's Tower - May 2013
Sunset -St Pete’s Tower – May 2013

Holy fast week!  Do I say that every week?  Well… this one seemed EXTREMELY fast and here I am rushing to get in a Chicken before I sign offline for the weekend again.


having fun with chickensThe Quick Chicken (The Doings that help me with the Being):

  • Write: 6/7 – but only 4 days work on the NIP – YIPE — and yes, the DREADS have started acting up already!
  • Move: 6/7
  • Matt/Sit: 2/5 – YERK!
  • Music:  2/7


Yoga in the morning.

The Result:

Face plantingly horrific FAIL.  And so… I shall try again this week. See below.


  • – dreads… the ebil dreads that come from not working on the NIP.
  • – terror/horror/nightmares about debt and finding another vehicle and… strange dreams of creepy crawlies and big ole monsterthings chasing me down hallways.
  • – strange sadnesses coming upon me during the week.  From what?  For what? I don’t really know.  I just feel…. blue.  Probably tied into the two items above.


      • + being outside, working in the yard
      • + We found and bought a lovely used car.  Whee!  We now own a 2005 Santa Fe!  Yowza.
      • + A most excellent bonus to the “going to check out the car” trip was meeting/spending time with some wonderful folks in Sprague ON.
      • + I quite loved being offline for Saturday and Sunday.  And Wednesday and Thursday as it turned out – heh heh.
      • + impromptu drop ins by friends for drinks on the porch.  So wonderful – and I didn’t even care that the shack was a messy mess.
      • + kayaking and walks up the lane.  Ahh….
      • + a funky new find – Carnivàle  Thanking much the woman of magic and fellow lover of dark and twisty things.  Dusty joy is mine.

AND THIS is The Thing that needs Baking In MOST:

Take a breath. It will be fine.  It will be fine. You are doing just fine.

I don’t really wanna talk about this.  I’m just… jittery right now.  oof.

Next Week’s Playful Experiment?

DO OVER…..I want to work on getting back to the mat.  I’ve let the yoga slip.  Now that it is warming up I will give the morning routine another go.


The Mary Rock - St Peter's Abbey
The Mary Rock – St Peter’s Abbey

May we be safe

May we be happy

May we share the joy of fellowship

with friends far and wide

May the Lady smile upon us


Thanks for stopping by.  Be well.

go easy


In homage to Havi’s Friday Chickens over on the The Fluent Self — This is the place I review my week – in an attempt to track some things – like progress on my novel and… living intentionally. I shake out my week and lay it out. Let the hard burn off and the good sink in. Call it an experiment in paying attention.

Comments are cherished here. Discussion is adored. If you’d rather talk in private – drop me a line.

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