Shake and Bake 59 – The Saggy Draggy Baggy Edition

Last Quarter Moon
Last Quarter Moon (Photo credit: I am marlon)

Last Quarter of Ice Coming In Moon.

Energy winding down… heading to Dark Moon resting time.

But, as the man says – No rest for the wicked.

The week whirled by me… with a speed hard to fathom.  Wrapping up with a few days offline in town – which was actually a nice rest – and…. The Saskatchewan Roughriders won the Grey Cup!  Huzzah huzzah huzzah.

Warms my prairie-girl heart.  I used to work in a concession booth for Rider games in the way-back.  Good times.

And now – we are home for a few days and then it is time to pack it all up and move to town.  Indoor plumbing here I come!

So… the doings took a hit this week.  AGAIN.  I will not whine, nor beat myself about the head… but here be the stats…

The Quick Chicken (The Doings that help me with the Being):

  • Scribble:7/8
  • Walk: 2/8
  • Yoga:0/8
  • Meditation:  2/8  ~ Whaaaaat?  eep.


  • Writing Hours: 3/8 ~ longish shifts but WHAAAAAAT?

On an interesting front… I not only went offline for a couple of days – I also left behind my daily paper chicken thingy but… I somehow knew/remembered that today was the last quarter day of this moon – YAY.

And so … though I feel blank and rather… cranky… and it is already past 9pm and I really really REALLY just feel like watching some boob tube.. Here I am… doing the shaking and the baking.  Because it will help me sleep a slightly righteous sleep.  So many things “undone” this week.  But this done.  Woot.



  • Waves of emotion continuing to wash over me.
  • Tiredness returning ~ must move…must move…must mooooove.
  • Serious freaking FIGHT with myself to get my butt into the chair and write.
  • Inability to find the right gift for one of my sweety-pants nephews.  LORDY this brought up much “I’m a bad aunt” shite….
  • Serious fear around a piece of writing I’m working on.  Fear or Doubt.. or both.


  • Wednesday’s writing session – remember that? How awesome was it?  Super Duper Awesome.  I know this I know this I know this.
  • Texting with my Sis – took all the sting out of the inability to find the danged gift and made me feel so so so so much better about what I bought in the end.  Texting is fun!
  • Erasing a really really mean thing I was about to say about myself earlier in this post.  Way to not beat yourself up (too badly) when you are feeling down.
  • And way to note that even though you are totally feeling tired and cranky and like a big ole loserface – you are HERE doing this THING that you very very much want to do each quarter.

The Thing That Needs Baking In MOST (What WORKED):

The thing that is always true and can never be reinforced enough – I ALWAYS “feel better” (mood wise and physically and even spiritually) when I WORK.  And once I get myself into the chair to work – the words always always flow and it is … a joy…. and a freakin’ RELIEF.

The ultimate goal being to work each day….

or at least 5 or 6 days outta 7

STEADY as SHE GOES – instead of BLITZING and feeling great for one day and shittay for four

Last Week’s Playful INTENTION…

To employ the listing and RE-listing method each morning when I make my “to do” list.  In an attempt to Listen to the inner promptings and follow them – or at least be aware of them and whether they are in conflict with external promptings.

How it went…

I did manage to do this a few times….it continues to work.

This Week’s Playful INTENTION…

This week will be a week of packing and moving and being discombobulated.  Let’s….


Dive on in and take each day as it comes.  Report back on from the other side.


Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to be a bit cranky-pants.

Here’s a song to take us through the CHAOS of the coming week….

Go easy ~p

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