Shortest Day…Taking the Leap

Hello Sweeties. I’ve been long silent. Traveling down into the dark.
But today, I reach out to send greetings to you.
Solstice and a New Moon and a time for big big cosmic changes according to the stars…

April Elliot, over at Big Sky Astrology says,

“The past couple of years have been very difficult for a lot of people. I’ve seen friends bankrupted and nearly living on the streets. I’ve seen long-term relationships hit serious stumbling blocks; a few did not survive. I long ago stopped following the news, but enough of the highlights penetrate my cone of silence that I’m aware things have gotten very dark indeed in the big world outside my small one.

It is the end of Saturn in Scorpio for another 29 years, save for a brief retrograde between June 14 and September 17, 2015. And because there is nothing wishy-washy about Scorpio, Saturn is finishing its transit here in characteristically decisive fashion. “No longer this,” we think, even if we’re not sure what will fill the gaps opened by loss.

Like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, escaping certain death by leaping from a high cliff into roaring rapids, we have been prepared by Scorpio for the open-armed embrace of the wild, blue, Sagittarian yonder. We are on the cliff, ready to commit to moving forward—leaping into uncertainty, and burning our bridges behind us if necessary.

To each of you, a peaceful holiday season, and a joyous leap into the wild blue yonder of 2015,”

(Link to full post

I love this.

And it is how I feel today.

“No longer this.

Here’s to the leap!

The Raggedy Man and I are in prep mode for our next big traveling adventure.

In two weeks, we will close down the Shaky Shack and take to the road.

I hereby declare TODAY the beginning of the adventure. Because….hey, Imagine if we lived our “everday” life like it really was what it IS – A Grand Adventure.

I like this idea. And I like the idea of taking Actions to back up this idea.

I begin this by….

  • Playing with posting here in a new, mobile way.
  • And moving my morning scribbles into my travel journal.

Sharing a fabulous photo that was taken a few years ago by my friend Bernice Friesen.

It’s a bird strike…looks like an angel to me. A magpie angel.

You can meet Bernice over at her blog – Revisionary

May you enjoy the great adventure of today.

Go easy ~p

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