Hey gang
Got to thinking today about this trip we are about to take.
Spent some time doing things that needed doing.
Spent some time walking up the lane in awe of the beauty of fresh falling snow.

I’ve been thinking about the term/idea/concept of “going walkabout” – which is what this trip feels like to me. A time…. away.

Away from the everyday realities of life at home.
Away from the familiar.

A time to detach from some things – and, I’m thinking, a time to deepen connections with other things.

Though I am not going alone, I keep imagining much time alone – walking and listening to the mundane world swirling around outside of me and to the inner world swirling within me.

I love the…. sound of this word… walkabout.

I love the … vision it brings to mind.
The vision of walking over the land. Of being open to feeling the song lines and streams of power beneath my feet and following them where they lead me. Of learning as I walk.


I hesitate to use the term walkabout, as I know that I don’t really understand what it means to those who truly practice it – the Aborigines of Australia.

I sit here and mull over the fact that I wouldn’t say “I’m headed off on a Vision Quest” as I prepare for this trip. Why? Because I know a teeny tiny bit more about what a Vision Quest actually is. I know that it is…. a real, specific, thing. A very serious cultural/spiritual thing that people do. And to use the term “Vision Quest” would be… well… just wrong.

It seems to me that "going walkabout" is the same – when it comes to level of cultural/spiritual seriousness.

But oh the term calls to me.
In my soul.

I think that all peoples need these times of … retreat and reflection… but what do we call them?

Vacation just doesn’t…. ring the same, does it?

What do you think?

Can you send me a word, a turn of phrase that I as a white Canadian woman (of extremely mixed ancestry) could use?

I’d love to hear from you.

Til then, I think I’ll sit by the fire and dream a little.

go easy ~p