Going Lookabout (with as few “expectations” as possible)…

Written at 4:40 AM on Maple Street in Chapleau ON, under an almost full moon….

Hello my pretties
I’ve been lying here, reading, most of the night and thought I’d pop online to say hello.

Our trip out has begun in earnest.
This morning (well, yesterday actually) we closed down the shakey shack and came into town. We had a lovely lunch with the Raggedy Man’s mother and said farewells to some friends. Our hosts for the night fed us up with a rib feast and good conversation.

We talked awhile about the retreat I am headed to at the Ontario Vipassanna Centre.

In a few hours we will make our way to the train station to catch The Budd down to Sudbury.

Made me smile as I lay here and watched the clock tick over to 4am.
Soon I will be rising at 4am to head to the meditation hall.

I’m thinking back to last year’s retreat and how so many women who go yearly said that their second retreat was the most difficult for them. I wonder why that is.

I know that, though I try to stem them, I have expectations of what the retreat will be like. I also know that “having expectations” can lead us into suffering.

My aim – for the retreat, for the trip and for life in general is…to let go of the expectations and simply enjoy what actually comes my way.

It’s such an amazing place, this place we live – this planet. And it’s filled with such heartbreaking beauty. More and more, I find contentment in being HERE, right now, and seeing what there is to see. In being who I am, and in greeting the beings that I meet.

Stay curious, my friends.

And, as always….

Go easy ~p

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