Written on the Greyhound between Sudbury ON and Toronto on a Sunny Monday afternoon….
I am happy x 200.

I forget how soothing movement is to me. All the trips – trains, planes, busses and boats – heading… somewhere.

I think back to my year of travelling around when I was 30 and looking for a new place to settle.
I remember watching a woman who sat for hours, gazing out the window with a slight smile on her face. I was in Long Haul Mode – which, for me, meant that I was sprawled out over two seats with snacks and a million distractions. I ate and read and did crossword puzzles. I wrote in my scribblebook and listened to music and looked out the window now and then. I remember watching the still woman across the aisle and wondering how she did it. Just…sitting there. And wondering why she was smiling. She was so still, and so calm. When we stopped, she walked around a bit and bought a cup of tea. She drank it with such…appreciation. I can still see her hands holding the styrofoam cup. When she finished her tea, she put the cup aside, folded her hands in her lap and continued to gaze out the window with that lovely smile on her face.

Now, I think she may have been meditating as we rode that bus. She certainly seemed…mindful.

I’m here, with The Raggedy Man, on another bus.
It’s just a short haul for us today, but I’ve snacks at my feet and a book of Zen poems that the lovely Lady K sent me. I’ve this tablet, with it’s own hours of distraction.

I think I’ll spend some time…sitting still…and gazing out the window.

Go easy ~p