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Some Magic for a Sunday afternoon….. Our visit to the Cultural Cabanas was also blessed by the fabulous art of Alejandro Colunga his sculpturesLa Sala de los Magos (Magician’s Room or Hall of Mages) and Los Magos Universales grace the square. Each peice represents a magician (Mago) transforming himself into a sofa or chair. And, best of all… We are actually welcomed to touch and sit… To spend some time with the magicians. Colunga likes his art to be touched, “I love it when people are drawn to one of my works and want to touch it or sit on it, since touch is the most intimate and universal sense we have.” Come and sit with me a while… Let us talk of many things…

Bio and links to some of Colunga’s paintings @ http://www.rogallery.com/Colunga_Alejandro/Colunga-bio.htm Happy Sunday. go easy ~p