Guadalajara One: Murals and Modern Art…with some Murmuration Musing from La Penita

Written on a sunny Friday, in a cool hotel room, with tissues at hand for the running running nose….

So many murals…. So little time.

Guadalajara is full up on all kinds of beauty.

We went off in search of the work of muralist Jose Clemente Orozco. Stopping first in the Palacio de Gobierno to take in this stunner on the staircase. Miguel Hildago y Costillo – Often called the father of Mexican Independance weilds an angry sword…

You can find his bio over here –

Man I wish I could figure out how to insert tidier hyperlinks with Evernote on my ipad 😦

We also strolled over to the Instituto Cultural Cabanos.

Where I lay out on a bench to take it all in.

This one held me for a long while.

This clear and wonderful picture and many more can be found at

In fact…when we head to Mexico City, we will seek more of them out.

The Istituto also offered up an exhibiton of modern work that you can get a peek at over @

Boy howdy it was dark and fascinating….

Here’s a sample, and some info on some of the artists I noted down in my book…

el drama de la sustencia – Paulina Jaimes (photo originally posted by

More of her work @

I also gawped in awe at the Surreal and scary seven deady sins by Liliana Mercenario Pomeroy @

The scariest White Rabbit ever (El conejo de Alicia en Mexico) @

One that is sure to give Lady K and the Icon a shiver… Nimrod by Carlos Cardenas Reyes @

And… My favourite piece.

El Final by Lucia Maya (photo originally posted by

I love that little bird….

More of Lucia’s work @

I’m having quite the love affair with birds right now.
There’s a rooftop here at the Hotel Sol de Mar. I’ve been spending a lot of time up there.
At dusk, the birds do this amazing thing called "murmuration"…they flock and flow and twist and turn in the most amazing patterns and then they….throw themselves from the sky…plummeting to their roosts. It is spell binding.

Here is a video of starlings murmurating in Ireland….amazing, non?

Oh and so much more we saw in Gudalajara…

But I will stop for now. I am still battling a cold… Luckily, there is good soup close at hand and plenty of mint tea with lime and honey.
There are books to read and birds to watch and short and lovely walks along the beach.
I continue to fill up my eyes with Beauty.
And my wee scribble book with ramblings.

All is well.

Thanks for stopping by.
I send you a wave of warm salty air to you…wherever you are.

Go easy ~p

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