Kim Stormy Sky Shot

Sky of Light and Dark (Photo by Kim Remus)

I begged God to let me know, if it were His will, could I please stop writing.  Why?  Well, I know I am just as weak and undeserving–and more so–than I was thirty years ago when God commanded me I should begin.

When I said to our Lord, “Can’t I please stop writing?”  He showed me a little sack in his hand and said to me, “I still have healing herbs.”

I said, “But Lord, I don’t know any of those herbs.”

The Lord answered me, “When you see them, though, you’ll recognize them alright.  With these, you can refresh the sick, strengthen the healthy, wake up the dead and bless the good.”

That’s why I don’t dare claim credit–no, not at all–for anything I say about love.  It’s God who reaches through me faithfully and makes empty hearts full.

–Mechtchild of Magdeburg–

The Flowing Light of the Godhead.

Sometimes… All times… the universe sends us exactly what we need, the trick is in the learning to hear.

go easy~p