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Vipassana: Into the body – out of the mind

Part Three in my musings on Meditation – a look at working with the body in meditation takes a left turn into… healing from past traumas… a little Good Will Hunting… a little Indigo Girls… and a little of me…

Vipassana: The Grace-filled Dance of Silence

Today I am ruminating on the going in and coming out of Noble Silence during my recent Vipassana Meditation Retreat. The grace-filled bathroom dance and the Greeting of another being. With musical accompaniment by John Prine (Hello in There).

Grow Your Blog 2014: Welcome, Fellow Travelers!

I’m taking part in a “blog party” this weekend… over 500 bloggers will be hopping all over the web, meeting new people and discovering new worlds. It’s gonna be wild. This is my “hello” post.

My First Vipassana Retreat: Part ONE: What it IS – Why I Went – What you DO

It’s taken me a while to get down to it – but here’s the first installment on my Adventures at a 10day Silent Meditation Retreat. More fun to follow…

Taking my first wobbly steps down the Dhamma Road

Sitting in a hotel room in Timmins Ontario, listening to Neil Young on the radio. We will spend the day circling the hospital.  Medical tests for the Raggedy Man and my MiL.  Me and the Diggedy Dawg are along for company, moral support and…… Continue Reading “Taking my first wobbly steps down the Dhamma Road”

21 Monkeys – Day TWENTY ONE – !

Hullo peoples… Wow. I can’t believe it has been 21 days!  We did it! I think back on Day ONE…. Looking at the definition of the word MIRACLE… and how it appealed to me.. The word miracle comes from the Latin root mīrāculum,  equivalent… Continue Reading “21 Monkeys – Day TWENTY ONE – !”

21 Monkeys – Day TWENTY – Forgiveness is not an occasional act…

21 Monkeys – Day NINETEEN – Radiate

21 Monkeys – Day EIGHTEEN – Live your Magnificence!

Got the giggles when I thought I heard Deepak telling me to take time to “contemplate my magnificence!” What he actually said was… Instead of chasing perfection, is it not better to spend the time contemplating and living our magnificence? Yes. Yes it is.… Continue Reading “21 Monkeys – Day EIGHTEEN – Live your Magnificence!”

21 Monkeys – Day SEVENTEEN – The Four Questions

Ahh the ole Throat Chakra… You’d think I’d have a lot to say about this one, eh? I do have many thoughts and feelings roiling around….but…instead of me blathering on today…How about we just contemplate a wonderful Buddhist practice centered on Conscious Communication… Before… Continue Reading “21 Monkeys – Day SEVENTEEN – The Four Questions”

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