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Moony Studio – 2013

One of the things I am playing with this year is … paying more attention to the turning of the wheel… the seasons… the moons… And so, I decided to gather shots of my new writing/dreaming studio trailer as she progresses through the moons… Continue Reading “Moony Studio – 2013”

Monkeying around…

”twas a day of technical glitches and distraction… I simply could not settle to the work and so… I tossed it all aside and started doodling… I’m a huge Fan of Lynda Barry… And her nearsighted monkey. I’d had a wonderful “sit” earlier in… Continue Reading “Monkeying around…”

Ela goes a-musing on … aMUSING athena

Ela has been declared a MUSE and invited to play over on the Amusing Athena site. Wheeeee! Here’s a link to the post…. these things ~ you know… | aMUSING athena.

An Ode to Spring in Northern Ontario Part 2 (snow warning) A walk with Pam

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