We’ve had some snow today…

The spiral labyrinth I snowshoed onto the river on January 3, 2021

The path to my snow spiral labyrinth was erased in places, as was the spiral itself. Snow and wind. Drifts.
Beginning to walk the spiral – there was barely a hint of a path. It felt like beginning again.

I could sometimes make out an edge and follow along, placing my snow shoe up against a ridge to re-draw the path.

Sometimes there was nothing by white deep drifting for a long section, but looking ahead, I could see the old path and then I would cut a new(ish) trail to meet up with the tracings of the old one.

The centre spot where I stop to rest and pray was entirely drifted in. I walked it flat again and stood awhile.

By the time I walked back OUT of the spiral, the outer ring was almost erased again by the wind.

As I walked home, the tracks I had left an hour earlier were barely visible and I could feel the wind erasing the spiral behind me.

I am back to work on Sanctuary. The novel I began so many years ago and … walked away from… when I took the job with the Family Health Team.
I am re-tracing there too.Trying to find the old path, or cut a new one.

will the path remain?

Step by step, I make my way through this glorious life.
Stay cozy ~p

One Comment on “We’ve had some snow today…

  1. Good morning Pam The spiral, the snow, the view are beautiful. The thoughts, the words, the person I know are all so beautiful. I miss not seeing you and chatting. Take care my friend.

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