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Shake and Bake 68: Let the Games Begin ~ Shifting back into WildMind

My wee life/work check in – Anxiety Dreams under the wings of Raven… let Spring come soon!

Shake and Bake 67: Clear Sailing?

My wee life/work check-in – featuring Tom Russell’s fabulous song for Edith Piaf. It’s called “Chocolate Cigarettes” and it just might crack yer heart open. Go easy ~p

Shake and Bake 65: The FishWish Edition

Marking the First Quarter of Pike Moon – I continue to trudge ahead with reVisions of the new novel. Confessing the difficulty of taking tiny steps when I want to LEAP ahead. And tomorrow…. I’m g’wan fishing. Wish me LUCK?

Shake and Bake 64: The Deep and Deeper Edition

New Moon – PIKE Moon
The ole “shaking of the hard and baking in the good” continues….

Shake and Bake 61 – The Stepping Out of Silence Edition

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! The new moon fell on January First.  I had EVERY INTENTION of creating a post to wish you a grand and wonderful new year… but the world was full to bursting and I didn’t make… Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 61 – The Stepping Out of Silence Edition”

Shake and Bake 58 – The Best Laid Plans Edition

Ice Coming In Moon. Full moon night.  Time of energy. Time of sight. It’s been a lovely day, full of work and tasty soup.  I’ve worked outside – preparing ground for next year’s plantings.  I’ve worked inside – on moon pages in The Night… Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 58 – The Best Laid Plans Edition”

Shake and Bake 57 – The Harum Scarum Edition

har·um-scar·um (hâr m-skâr m, h r m-sk r m). adj. Lacking a sense of responsibility; reckless. adv. With abandon; recklessly. Hey ya Hi ya… I’m finding it … odd… and slightly… uncomfortable… to shift these Check In Chickens to a more moony cycle.  I… Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 57 – The Harum Scarum Edition”

Shake and Bake 56 – The Celtic New Year Edition

Take it in Stride - the road.

Things to Let Go of… and Things to Create…A plan for writing in the coming year… and much much more. Hullo Me Hardy HEARTies… Happy November.  Happy New Moon.  Happy NaNoWriMo.  Happy MoVember.  Happy New Year too. October was a hard hard month hereabouts. … Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 56 – The Celtic New Year Edition”

Shake and Bake 50 – The Rambling Backroads Episode

Spent some time last night gazing up at the moon. She was drifting in and out of the clouds. Peeking through the trees.  Lovely. Spent some time yesterday dreaming up tiny rituals…. things I could add to my days that wouldn’t be heavy or… Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 50 – The Rambling Backroads Episode”

Moony Studio – 2013

One of the things I am playing with this year is … paying more attention to the turning of the wheel… the seasons… the moons… And so, I decided to gather shots of my new writing/dreaming studio trailer as she progresses through the moons… Continue Reading “Moony Studio – 2013”

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