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Shake and Bake 80: “I’m an EXCELLENT driver.”

It’s true.

Shake and Bake 78 – Trudge Trudge ZOOM

A week of goods and not so greats….wrestling with the novel…eating cake…getting a washing machine…. and a taste of the Honey Trees doing a grand job of Moon River…. blessings to all my huckleberry friends.

Shake and Bake 77 – A Super-sized Beltane Chicken

We’ve hit the 1/2 year mark! Pam checks in on what she INTENDED to do this year…

Shake and Bake 76: Awesome Is as Awesome Does

New Moon in Taurus – Pam turns 49 this moonth! Imagine that. A little chicken with some BJ Thomas on the side and Butch and Sundance for dessert.

Shake and Bake 75: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Chicken Time! Wherein Pam embarks on some fun new challenges and waxes wordy before running off to cook dinner….

Shake and Bake 74: The “Did I TOTALLY get this one WRONG?” Edition

Chicken Time! The ice is still here… The characters in my novel have declared mutiny… and Emi Sunshine is a wailer worth watching! Happy Tuesday, muchachas.

Shake and Bake 73: Boons and Blessings Abound!

My quarterly Life/Work check-in wherein I sing praises of gratitude and appreciation to the Ontario Arts Council for supporting me and my current WIP!

Shake and Bake 72: Riding the Rhythm

New Moon…. Pink Moon… Ice Going Out Moon… visitations from a Woodpecker and Nick Drake.

Shake and Bake 71 – Dancing with Discombobulation

Time to clean…time to pack…time to take it all back to the shakey-shack…

Shake and Bake 70 – Wrestling with Resistance in the Belly of the Beast

My moony check-in – life, work, resistance to work, the power of COMMUNITY and artistic friendships… and some SPRINGSTEEN. Enjoy.

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