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Shake and Bake 69: Barking at the Moon

Time again for a life/work check in. With a lil Moxy Fruvous thrown in. Bang those skins – Jian Ghomeshi!

Shake and Bake 68: Let the Games Begin ~ Shifting back into WildMind

My wee life/work check in – Anxiety Dreams under the wings of Raven… let Spring come soon!

Shake and Bake 67: Clear Sailing?

My wee life/work check-in – featuring Tom Russell’s fabulous song for Edith Piaf. It’s called “Chocolate Cigarettes” and it just might crack yer heart open. Go easy ~p

Shake and Bake 66 – Leaping under the Full Pike Moon

My wee life/work check-in – featuring “susurrations” – a video poem by on of my Soul Sisters – the fierce and lovely Lia Pas.

Shake and Bake 65: The FishWish Edition

Marking the First Quarter of Pike Moon – I continue to trudge ahead with reVisions of the new novel. Confessing the difficulty of taking tiny steps when I want to LEAP ahead. And tomorrow…. I’m g’wan fishing. Wish me LUCK?

Shake and Bake 64: The Deep and Deeper Edition

New Moon – PIKE Moon
The ole “shaking of the hard and baking in the good” continues….

Shake and Bake 63: Wildmind and Logicmind – finding balance

Last Quarter Musings… and a great acoustic version of Robbie William’s “Go Gentle” done by the Moon Loungers. Happy Friday, all!

Shake and Bake 62 – Howling at the Full Wolf Moon

Time for Visions and ReVisions… “I have the story. I have it all right here. Now I just need to find the BEST way to tell it.” Pam’s quarterly Check In on life and work and all that Jazz…

Shake and Bake 61 – The Stepping Out of Silence Edition

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! The new moon fell on January First.  I had EVERY INTENTION of creating a post to wish you a grand and wonderful new year… but the world was full to bursting and I didn’t make… Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 61 – The Stepping Out of Silence Edition”

Shake and Bake 60 – The “Triple L” Edition

Slipping in on snowy feet, with icicles and raven wings, this moon will bring me into Silence and out again.  A moon for rebirth.  Holding the Winter Solstice and Yule.  Time spent alone and time spent with family and friends. This month I plan… Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 60 – The “Triple L” Edition”

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