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VIDEO: Pam’s Top 5 Tips for 3DNC Prep (with Mulligan)

Pam (AKA Mulligan) lays out her top 5 tips for prepping for the 3Day Novel Contest (held each Labour Day weekend)

Shake and Bake 80: “I’m an EXCELLENT driver.”

It’s true.

Slow Rot Deep Rot: Finding the Juice in our Writing

I’m thinking today about… my strengths and weaknesses as a writer. About where the “good stuff” comes from. The stuff that works. That touches other people. And how I access that stuff. This one is for all of us who are…. in the midst of it….

3 Day Novel Contest 2013 – The Snapshot Gallery

Hmmm…. this gallery has disappeared once already…. let’s try again… There should be a slideshow of 39 silly photos here – if you can’t see it…drop me a note and I’ll come back here to try again…. Maybe it is taking tooooooo long to… Continue Reading “3 Day Novel Contest 2013 – The Snapshot Gallery”

Creative Spaces – My Studio Trailer ReVAMP

The Trailer Studio has begun it’s evolution!

Shake and Bake 31: The WILD Song Edition

I’m a gal, after London’s heart, who would “rather sing one wild song…”  But man… it can be exhausting, eh? I’d rather sing one wild song and burst my heart with it, than live a thousand years watching my digestion and being afraid of… Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 31: The WILD Song Edition”

The SCRIB… How Scribbling Every Morning Helps Every Thing

Halloo Hallay oh glorious day. I’m finally getting around to beginning to answer some things in the brand new… ASK PAM thing-a-ma-bob. I’ve been hearing from some of you via the contact page. Thanks for writing by the way. It’s always great to hear… Continue Reading “The SCRIB… How Scribbling Every Morning Helps Every Thing”

POV: So much depends upon…

who it is that is looking at that red wheelbarrow… or that red suitcase. And who tells the story. Ahh how the world shifts depending on where we are standing, whose eyes we are looking through and who it is that steps forward to… Continue Reading “POV: So much depends upon…”

Shake and Bake 9: The 51K in 30 days NaNoWriMo Edition

Take it in Stride - the road.

Wherein Pam does a happy monkey dance and waves a fond farewell to the NANO rush of 2012. Happy Saturday, and Happy December to all! … I hope your week was full of beauty and adventure … In homage to Havi’s Friday Chickens over… Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 9: The 51K in 30 days NaNoWriMo Edition”

Harvest This – Seed That…

Did a bit of harvesting yesterday. The beets are few – but tasty! It’s Monday and … Remember that crazy declaration I made some weeks ago about “turning over a new leaf” and really buckling down to rededicate myself to the writing of that… Continue Reading “Harvest This – Seed That…”

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